Peter Surowski
Peter Surowski is the founding editor of Temecula Patch. He started the website in October 2010 and left it in June 2012.
For about five years before joining Patch, he covered Temecula as a newspaper reporter. He was born in Anaheim just a few blocks from Disneyland, but his folks dragged him kicking and screaming from the happiest place on earth when he was seven and planted him in Canyon Lake. Despite all the fun things for kids to do in Canyon Lake in the late '80s, such as kicking rocks and whistling, Peter holed up in his bedroom, played video games and read comic books for about ten years. When he was a teenager, he decided it would really irritate his parents if he learned to play drums, so he did. To his dismay, they supported him. He inflicts this hobby on his neighbors to this day. Somehow, he managed to make a living giving music lessons and playing gigs through his early 20s. Meanwhile, he had a daughter and named her Annabelle Lee. She makes a mess, disobeys him and costs him a lot of money, but he loves her uncontrollably. He does not know why. In his early 20s, Peter got tired of trying to be a rock star. He went to college and got a bachelor's degree in history. Failing to find any classified ads seeking professional historians, he took up freelance writing. Something about this work enchanted him. The long hours and low wages likely appealed to his ascetic nature. He's been at it ever since. He was a staff writer for City News Service, Valley News and the Long Beach Press-Telegram. He also contributed to Inland Empire Magazine, Inland Empire Weekly and too many other publications to remember on a freelance basis.  Having failed to learn his lesson the first time, he went back to college and got his master's degree in mass media research and theory. He also became a contributing editor to Specialty Coffee Retailer magazine, which worked out well since he drank gallons of coffee while staying up all night writing his thesis anyway. Totally unrelated to his job, he loves reading. He especially loves reading while camping, especially if he's camping in a foreign land. He runs marathons, which are a lot like his college career: long, painful and arguably fruitless. Today, he is a reporter for the Press-Enterprise. He lives in Menifee with his wife and his daughter, who is surviving his parenting rather admirably.
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