Eight Things to Do After You've Been Accepted to College

Already chosen the college you want to attend? We'll tell you what's next.

Your child has received several college acceptances, congrats! But why does it seem like the questions continue to keep rolling in?

In their presentation at  Tuesday night, Terri Ignaitis and Lisa McCahon of the Guidance & Counseling Department helped high school seniors and their parents understand how they should be preparing for college. Their best advice? Check out these "Eight STEPS TO DO After I Select My College" from the experts:

Editor's Note: We know sending your child to college is already emotionally difficult enough. But it doesn't have to be a process filled with uncertainty and second-guessing. Every week Patch will provide insights and tips so you and your child know that the next years will be spent based on solid decisions.

1. Statement of Intent to Register (SIR)

  • May 1st DEADLINE
  • Deposit required. Communicate financial difficulties with campus
  • Can be an online process
  • Unethical to say “yes” to more than one school. If two colleges learn you did this, they can rescind your admission
  • Okay to submit SIR and appeal another campus
  • Okay to submit SIR if first choice is a waitlist

2. Establish email communication

  • Set up a campus email account
  • Check email often!
  • Respond to all requests sent from the campus
  • Admissions offer can be rescinded if you don’t respond to email requests.

3. Submit Statement of Legal Residence if you are an AB 540 student attending a college in California

  • Undocumented students are considered for AB 540 through this process
  • Forms found in College/Career room #45 (at Sequoia High School) or online
  • Must attend California high school for 3 or more years
  • Qualifies you for in-state tuition

4. Take Math & English Placement Tests (UC, CSU & Private)

  • May be required
  • Each campus will have a different deadline. Check emails now.
  • Example: SF State must register for test by April 16.
  • Results will determine if you are placed in remedial classes
  • Remedial classes are being cut due to budget cuts on some campuses.
  • You can’t enroll in for-credit college English and Math classes until you complete the remedial requirements if necessary based on placement test results. Remedial courses delay graduation date.
  • If you do not pass the remedial classes by the end of your first year, you may be unenrolled from the university.
  • CSU walk-in registration may be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You
  • should check with the Test Office at http://www.ets.org/csu/test_administration/centers

5. Send Required Documents to College Campus

  • Final Official Transcript

(a) Deadline dates will vary. Check your emails. 

(b) Order before you leave for the summer. 

  • Order AP scores from www.collegeboard.org
  • Complete IB form. IB scores will be sent electronically

6. Residence Hall Decisions

  • Be aware of contract options and deadlines 
  • Not guaranteed freshmen housing at some campuses

7. Sign up for Orientation

  • Register for classes and academic advising 
  • Bring unofficial AP test scores if available 
  • Look for Parent/Family Programs 
  • UCs do foreign language, math & chemistry placement tests
  • Good way to meet new people 
  • If you don’t notify, contact orientation office if you are unable to attend. If you don't notify, you will get last registration times.
  • If you get last orientation then less choice for classes, many classes are full by that point.

8. Student Health Services

  • Immunization documents & health insurance
  • Insurance can be waived if child is covered under parents.
  • Must submit waiver as automatically signed up for campus insurance

Sequoia High School's next college information session, "UC or Private-School Bound,will be held this Thursday, April 14, at 6 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room.


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