Council to Vote on Pot Ban Recommendation

The Planning Commission recommended banning the marijuana dispensaries for land use issues.

Two weeks ago, the city’s Planning Commission unanimously for the next two years. This would provide enough time for city staff to determine whether there are appropriate locations for these cannibis before making a permanent decision.

Tonight, the council will make its final decision at its 7 p.m. meeting.

The Planning Commission emphasized that the decision was a land use issue, not a debate about the usefulness of the drug as a medicine.

The council not only has to consider the uncertain fate of these dispensaries at the state level, but at the federal level, as U.S. attorneys are warning landlords that they may seize properties of anyone leasing space to cannibis dispensaries, the Sacramento Bee reported.

The most in San Mateo County from Rob Bueno near Redwood City boundaries will not be affected by the council’s decision.

Brash Brazen October 10, 2011 at 08:06 PM
Mayor Jeff Ira is just like George Wallace blocking the schoolhouse door to keep black children from attending class. Denying safe & legal access to qualified patients is even worse. Redwood City has had 15 years to develope reasonable rules & regulations for dispensaries,but has refused to do so. Another 2 year moratorium while they work out zoning issues ? We're not that stupid,this is just another stalling tactic. The Planning Commission is appointed & beholden to their cronies on City Council,so they'll rubber stamp whatever the Mayor wants. If they continue to obstruct us we'll have no choice but the initiative process. I'm sure that we'd be happier with guidelines that we submit directly to the voters & once approved can't be altered by our city leaders. Go to tonights meeting & tell these cocktail swilling petty bureaucrats how angry their hypocritical stance makes you. In the meantime feel free to flood the city switchboard with calls asking where the nearest dispensaries are located & keep calling until they tell you. Call the Mayor & Councilmembers 24/7 & let them know that this issue & its proponents aren't going away. Let's make them as miserable as the patients they continue to ridicule & disrespect. Apparently the only qualifications necessary for public office here is residency & a pulse. Don't allow these self-righteous simpletons to circumvent the will of the people. Stand Up,Speak Up & Spark Up !!! If not now,when ???
Brenda Peterson October 10, 2011 at 08:11 PM
If this is really medicine why shouldn't it be handled eactly like all other controled sbstances?
Laura Whittaker October 10, 2011 at 11:59 PM
This November we all have the opportunity to tell our city council members what we think - by NOT voting for them or the taxes they want us to pay for. No to incumbents and tax increases. Tell your neighbor and friends!


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