Where Are Redwood City's Dangerous Intersections?

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residentwithopinions June 08, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Cleveland and Jefferson, it's the crosswalk going over to Northstar Academy and Sequia Highschool. Can't tell you how many screeching tires I hear, I almost got hit a few days ago, because Jefferson is 2 lanes so maybe one car in each lane will stop but the other lane is a toss up, people are TEXTING, not paying attention etc.. it's really bad. Major crosswalks need the flashing lights. Also we REALLY NEED RED LIGHT CAMERAS at Jefferson and El Camino. People run the left turning light onto El Camino North all day long! The whole counting to 5 thing is true, people run reds so often around here you have to wait a few seconds to even consider driving when the light turns green for you. Where are the cops!!?? RWC could make a ton of money ticketing these people. But the more cheap housing developments RWC approves think, old Dodge Dealership and Mels Bowl, the worse it's going to get because 1- RWC doesn't time the lights long enough so traffic backs up, 2- increase traffic makes people drive worse. Speaking of lights, can they fix the Hopkins at El Camino light already!!?? It is the LONGEST light, and sometimes doesn't turn green for 2 cycles...
Andrew Boone June 08, 2012 at 03:33 PM
residentwithopinions, True that. Unsafe motorist behavior is common, and I don't really blame the motorists but instead I think it has a lot to do with unsafe street designs (super wide streets, wide lanes, crosswalks you can hardly see - all designed to make cars go fast - bad idea). But this is actually good news because it means we can easily fix the problem by fixing the streeets. I'm looking for residents interested in improving Redwood City intersections and streets - can you please contact me, and let me know about anyone who is interested in this? Do you use Facebook? Find me on Facebook? I'm Andrew Boone, East Palo Alto resident. Is there a way to send me a private message via Patch? I just don't really wanna put my email address right here.... Please contact me. Thanks.
Andrew Boone June 08, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Oh, I guess I don't mind putting my email address right here! I did that above... Hey everybody - let's fix our streets and make them safe for walking, bicycling, and driving. There are simple things we can do to get Redwood City to make streets safer for everyone. Who's With Me! Then please contact me - nauboone@gmail.com Thanks.
Kathy Schneider June 09, 2012 at 12:44 AM
I agree with Andrew on this one. The pedestrian bridge was an okay-sorta workaround idea, at the time the "expressway" part of Woodside Rd. was planned, however we as a community are discovering we want to be more bike and pedestrian friendly. Also I might add a note for the bikers, that riding a bicycle eastbound Woodside Rd @ Middlefield is especially treacherous due to dense Costco-bound traffic backing up in the right turn lane/shoulder of the road coupled with a lack of bike lane. The businesses at Seaport Blvd are virtually un-bikeable in general, for those who value their lives.
Jill Clardy December 14, 2012 at 04:03 PM
Although many have cited pedestrian safety at the Woodside / Middlefield intersection, red light runners are a huge menace also. If I am at the light when it turns Green I ALWAYS wait and count the vehicles that run the light, then I proceed cautiously into the intersection. Seems like a perfect place for cameras... The state or city or whoever has jurisdiction will rake in the fines, and hopefully eventually train drivers to respect the traffic signals.


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