Kung Fu Instructor Accused of Molesting Students

The 36-year-old Redwood City man is believed to have 'fondled' at least two young female students.

A 36-year-old Kung Fu instructor has been arrested on suspicion of committing lewd acts with at least two underage female students, the San Mateo Police Department announced late Tuesday afternoon.

Meng Ricky Wong, a 36 year-old Redwood City resident, was arrested in March following an investigation stemmed by allegations that he fondled two young female students, San Mateo Police Sgt. Dave Norris said.

The two students were similar in age and appearance, but did not know each other, according to Norris. One girl is 9, the other is 11, and they have different ethnic backgrounds.

They had been enrolled in Kung Fu at Tat Wong at different times over the past two years, and both said Wong had fondled them, Norris said.

On March 12, a $100,000 warrant was issued for Wong's arrest on four counts of lewd acts with a child. He was arrested without incident shortly after, Norris said.

Wong was a Kung Fu instructor at Tat Wong Kung Fu in San Mateo from 1999 to 2011, Norris said. San Mateo police believe it's possible there are other victims and are working to determine whether additional lewd acts took place.

The Police Department is hoping to speak with any parents of Tat Wong female students ages 8 to 12 who may recall hearing comments from their children indicating a similar crime had occurred. 

The department is reminding the public that interviewing child victims is an extremely delicate process, for which the department uses highly trained professionals with the support of victim advocates. The department does not recommend parents “interview” their children about these crimes.

Anyone with information relative to this investigation and/or Meng Ricky Wong is encouraged to contact Detective Alex Rizzato of the San Mateo Police Department at 650-522-7669.

Information may be provided anonymously the following ways:

  • SMPD Investigations Bureau: 650-522-7650
  • SMPD Secret Witness hotline: 650-522-7676
  • Anonymous Text to SMPD: 650-262-3473
  • Anonymous E-Mail to SMPD: Sanmateo@tipnow.org

The San Mateo Police Department offers the following tips for parents:

  • Straight talk with children works best when discussing the serious topic of personal safety with your children. 
  • Instill in your children a sense of self-worth and dignity at every opportunity.
  • Teach your children basic body awareness (i.e. - the areas of the body that are covered by a bathing suit are “private”).
  • Establish that inappropriate touches are against the law. This gives your child confidence to assert themselves with those who try to abuse them.
  • Allow children to express affection on their terms.  Do not instruct them to give kisses or hugs to people they do not know well.
  • Stress that there should be no secrets from you, especially those involving another adult.
  • Explain the importance of reporting abuse or attempted abuse to you or another “Trusted Adult.”  This would also apply to inappropriate touching.
  • Above all, encourage your children to recognize, trust, and follow their instincts about people and situations.  Listen to their instincts.

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