Romney's Arrival Signals Importance of Voting

As Mitt Romney arrives in Redwood City for a fundraiser, citizens are reminded of the importance of voting and politics.

Upon republican candidate Mitt Romney’s arrival in Redwood City tonight, I am reminded that in roughly two years, I too will be able to vote and help be a part of determining a future for America. Although there is no plausible way that I could ever raise enough money to attend his thousand dollar event, the idea of meeting a presidential candidate is more than intriguing.

I have been raised in a fairly liberal environment, with much influence from teachers, family and the society as a whole.

Growing up, the political taboo that many households uphold was merely smoke and mirrors; there are no boundaries at the dinner table. Political discussions were a regular, and although I didn’t understand the majority of the issues being discussed, I did learn some key beliefs and platforms of my parent’s political choices.

Mainly criticisms on President Bush and the seemingly selfish and corrupt Republicans who voted him into office, I blindly agreed with whatever political ideas I was introduced to, regardless of my own personal beliefs. Of course, according to the judicial law system, my beliefs don’t matter nor count anyways because I have been deemed too young to vote until my eighteenth birthday in 2013.  

It wasn’t until my freshman year in high school, however, that I began to formulate my own ideas about politics, and I am not ashamed to say that the myriad of factors in my life that lead to my interest in the political world included my introduction the Daily Show, and Saturday Night Live.

Indifferent of the source, my interest was sparked, and I began to research the various candidates and question whether or not my democratic upbringing was right for me. I quickly learned that whatever party I decided to be a part of, my vocabulary was not broad enough for me to be interested in politics as a whole. Words like stimulus, caucus, and most frequently used: scandal; had to be added to my mental dictionary.

Ultimately, politics are in no way black and white. There are countless confusing topics to mull over, and the majority of the time, I disagree with both parties.

Regardless, every vote counts; and any candidate who can improve the economy as well as the healthcare system and the education system has my unofficial vote.

When you live in a country privileged enough to enjoy the luxury of voting, you should take advantage of the system, and not succumb to the majority. I encourage everybody to make their own voice heard, because until I can make my vote count, it is up to you to determine the future of America. 

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Rex March 27, 2012 at 12:31 AM
When you're older, you'll realize that your Presidential vote doesn't really count as it's the Electoral College that elects the president. And you'll discover that the system is rigged to favor wealthy campaign contributors. It's up to your generation to try to fix that.
Katheryn October 01, 2012 at 03:20 PM
Why vote when it seems like the people with the big bucks are the only ones the politicians respond to? Whey isn't Gov. Brown and Attorney General Harris doing anything to stop this? Please click on the You Tube Link below and then watch the You Tube Video in the story. If you are as angry as many of us are then please add this video to your Facebook, we need to get the word out to the world. http://temecula.patch.com/articles/citizen-reader-shares-mining-sounds


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