Letter: 'Scaled-Back' Saltworks Project Will Benefit City

Local business owner and community member Hector Flamenco says he wants the Saltworks project to be part of the solution to many of the city's problems.

I've been trying to keep updated on the Saltworks project and I am eager to see the “scaled-back” plan DMB will offer.   DMB is responding to problems facing Redwood City – the lack of parks and trails, floods, and . Redwood City has been waiting for years to have these problems addressed.

The opponents? Have they presented or will they present a solution? No....in fact, they pretty much dismiss the problems we are facing in Redwood City – and certainly behave like it’s not their problem where people will live, how to protect low-income neighborhoods from winter flooding, or how to increase use of transit without the use of tax payer funds.

The Saltworks developers are creating plans to fight urban sprawl – while the opponents are creating a recipe for making that sprawl worse. Protecting the environment with a well balanced plan can be achieved and we should allow the Saltworks project to be part of the solution.

I look forward to see DMB come back with their "scaled-back" project that will benefit present and future Redwood City residents.

--Hector Flamenco
State Farm Insurance Agent
Local Business Owner and
Active member of Redwood City Activities


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Cheri Hahne May 31, 2012 at 02:24 PM
The "shortage" of housing is not addressed in the RWC 20-year Plan approved by the residents prior to the DMB proposal-RWC's greatest need is for "low income" housing ($300,000 price tag) not below market ($700,000.) Schools are crammed and nearly bankrupt and DMB is donating only land for new elementary schools - 5 cities would have to approve a new high school. No local water source, so everyone's rates will go up in time. No new overpasses in the DMB proposal mean our busiest roads will get thousands of more cars, even tho DMB says new development will have public transportation to encourage less cars--we have that now and it doesn't work. Cost of maintaining levees will eventually revert to RWC, as Redwood Shore levees did this year. Tax revenues from the new homes is significantly less than the cost of addressing all these new problems. Wet lands cost RWC almost nothing, coming under both the State and Federal jurisdictions. The tax revenue from a new development is LESS THAN addressing these costs for the new development. So what RWC problems exactly does a development solve that aren't already addressed in the already-adopted General Plan??


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