Top 12 Videos of 2011

We've narrowed it down from nearly 200 videos to the Top 12.

In the past year, there have been so many compelling visuals, events and candid individuals in Redwood City. We’ve captured nearly 200 videos of the vivid movements and speech of the community. 

1.  , February 5

Redwood City is the posterchild for ethnic diversity on the Peninsula. The first annual Lunar Year Festival celebrated this diversity while informing residents about this special event.


2.  , February 16

Who could forget when the San Francisco Giants were the World Champions? (It’s okay, there’s always next year, guys.) The trophy made a stop right in for all to pose with.


3.  , June 2

When they easily could have turned around and walked out the classroom door, these high school graduates persevered and proudly heard “Pomp and Circumstance.” When others had lost faith in their ability to succeed, these teenagers proved that even in the face of adversity, they could overcome the odds.  


4.  , June 14

With high-flying shrimp and flaming onion volcanoes, ’s opening added another layer of entertainment to downtown Redwood City. And I discovered, or rather re-affirmed, that I should never quit my day job to become a professional chef.


5.  , July 4

No matter what political party you align with or what your background is, we can all celebrate being American. This annual 4th of July parade continued to draw in thousands from around the Bay Area in a patriotic display of pride.


6.  , September 3

Redwood City just keeps playing host to numerous festivals that celebrate the ethnic and cultural groups that we have here in the Bay. Whehter it was the delectable food or the joyous music, people couldn’t sit still in their chairs at the


7.  , September 10

The 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks on our country particularly resonated with residents this year. But the tribute was just as large and heartfelt as the commemoration last year, in which firefighters and community residents climbed the equivalent of 110 flights of stairs through the Oracle building as a symbol of solidarity with those who perished in the Twin Towers in 2001.


8.  and , October 15

“Drinking for the kids.” It sure makes sense if you attended this great fundraiser and day of merriment. He day kicked off with a half marathon in which almost 900 participants ran to raise money for the Redwood City School District. Then the runners were able to enjoy delicious beers after their hard workout.


9.  A Day in the Life of… , , , and , October 17-21

We often see them sitting up on the dais during city councilmembers, but who are they? They’re neighbors just like us.. They just run for public office and make decisions that affect our daily lives.


10., October 24

The anticipation of the opening of this family restaurant was felt for months. Now on any given evening, residents can enjoy a delicious meal then experience downtown Redwood City. The Old Spaghetti Factory even gave us a !


11., December 3

There’s something utterly magical about the holidays, perhaps in the way that everyone is in a festive mood and holiday decorations remind us of spending time with loved ones. Whatever it is, Hometown Holidays was another hit, with a spectacular fireworks show the was the grand finale.



Even if you disagreed with his strong opinions, you had to respect then Mayor Jeff Ira for his absolute candidness, atypical of an elected official.


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