Neighbors Comment on Can't-Miss Stories of the Week

Read what your neighbors had to say about death threats to a local State Senator and protestors demonstrating at Mark Zuckerberg's home.

The Peninsula is always rife with news, but even some of these stories had us saying, "Huh?!"

Man Threatens Local State Senator's Life With Homemade Explosives & Gun

George D. wrote, "Most of us gun owners agree with universal background checks and tougher laws for gun owners to keep guns out of the wrong hands. What Yee wants to do, and Feinstein as well, will do nothing to promote gun safety. 
This man should have understood that it's better to sanction Yee and possibly Feinstein with a vote and support, for someone to replace them, than to make all gun owners look and sound like "crazies" with his stupid actions."


Caltrain Service Disrupted After Train Hits Big-Rig

Mark Taylor wrote, "From the news reports, it appears the driver likely miscalculated about clearing the track before the train hit. Some drivers, I have noticed, try speeding across the tracks if they see the train coming BEFORE the signal comes down. Tractor-trailers though are longer and take more time to clear hence the possibility of a train hitting it before clearing tracks."


Devil's Slide Tunnels — a Massive Art Installation

Patty Hontalas wrote, "The pictures are amazing. I had no idea it was going to look the way it does. I can see the bridge span from my window in my living room. I too can't wait to drive through it."


Missing Woman Shows Up at Menlo Park Police Dept.

Lucia Thomas wrote, "I wonder how many of the outraged commenters has actually been a caretaker for someone with Alzheimers. The husband may be ill himself, or completely overwhelmed--people with the disease CAN be belligerent or even violent. While obviously they need help, not everyone on the Peninsula has the funds to pay a caregiver or put a loved one in an assisted living faciity."


4 San Carlos Homes Burglarized in Past 48 Hours

Bill Hudson wrote, "They will meet a very large pistol with hollow points on Cedar St. in San Carlos. A Shotgun if I have the time to get it."


Protestors Demonstrate at Zuckerberg's Palo Alto Home

Phil Bordeaux wrote, "Should have pelted him with Cheeseburgers and Donuts."


Stanford Raises Undergraduate Tuition

Kelly Williams wrote, "Yikes!


TELL US in the comments: What news stories shocked you this week? What would you like Patch to follow-up on? 

Aaron February 19, 2013 at 02:10 AM
This story below rounded up 48 comments. Seems to be a collective shame about homelessness in redwood city. http://redwoodcity-woodside.patch.com/articles/census-count-reveals-homeless-city-off-veterans-boulevard Also, The jail topic is very divisive. http://redwoodcity-woodside.patch.com/articles/curb-s-campaign-against-new-jail-heats-up story related. http://redwoodcity-woodside.patch.com/articles/county-supervisors-discuss-how-to-spend-measure-a-funds
PAUL GREGORY March 05, 2013 at 05:03 PM
The boon /doggle tunnel-project>>similiar project reject threw-out "Ca.coast line ". active earthquake fault zones...But as usual the greed of developers over- ran sanity....The tunnel is having problems with shifting.? really !......And with no sign of spend or what Gov.contribution ever being posted and the Land conservacy as usual gets a portion of it's vetted money up front to create there as usual (fenced in Land grab);to promote their un-invro-friendly open space rip off of the American People as the park service expands it's maxist armed intrusion,for the good of the country"their country as they would have us live"..>Massive replanting >To look likeThe Fed park service feel it should look like ! Native.?."what time frame, there discreation".?. hybrid standards ,signs/cables/open too permited only special group/ /...hats- shirts -sign-as part of the replanting hype.......The tunnel reject was thought to be to dangerious, to drill threw a very active fractal fault was stupid beyond belief.!..


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