PHOTOS: Art Center Celebrates Anniversary

The gala Jan 18th marked the art center's 20th anniversary.


Artists, art lovers and community supporters alike came out on Jan 18 to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of Redwood City Art Center in downtown.

The Art Center is a large and inviting space for local to showcase their creations, and features 31 artist studios, all of which Ro Fischer, president of the board of directors, said are full currently.

Fischer said the evening was a joyous success.

"It was a marvelous success, and many folks from the community and City government attended," she said. "We had wonderful comments from many of the attendees."

Fischer said it was wonderful for the Art Center to get a night in the spotlight, to highlight what a great resource it is for local artists, and how far the center has come in its 20 years.

"This was a chance for the Center to not only shine, but to share with others what a producing art center is all about," Fischer said.

Fischer said she hopes to make the anniversary celebration an annual event, moving forward.

The Redwood City Art Center is located at 2625 Broadway. Visit the center online at www.​redwoodcityartcenter.​org/.


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