Redwood City "Harlem Shake" Gets Party Going

A bicycle helmet, one person and a party . . .


Even Redwood City has its own Harlem Shake video on the internet. Will it stand out among the thousands of homemade videos inspired by the Internet meme of the moment?

Well, in its first five days, there has been a total of 22 views.

Most Harlem Shake videos begin with a lone dancer wearing some sort of mask or helmet while everyone in the background ignores the dancer and acts casual. But when the music drops, the video cuts to a large group of dancers, often scanty clad and with an assortment of props.

This one is a little more fan friendly.

The craze has spurred a website, The Harlem Shakeup, to gather the slew of videos. Some have dubbed it the new “Gangnam Style,” but the freestyle dancing in Harlem Shake has made it much easier to replicate. It’s been interpreted by everyone from UC Berkeley students to the U.S. Army to a YouTuber who set the song to the Peanuts Comic Strip cast

And while Harlem Shake might be slowly on its way out, the song itself, by Brooklyn electronic artist Baauer, became a No. 1 single on Billboard this week.


What’s your favorite Harlem Shake video? Tell us in the comments!


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