Eminent Levee Certification and the Difference between RSCA and RSOA

The Annual Redwood Shores Meeting highlighted a list of accomplishments as well as several items that needed to be addressed.

At Wednesday’s Annual Redwood Shores Community Association (RSCA) meeting at the Redwood Shores Library, President Doug Crisman proudly proclaimed the eminent FEMA certification of our levee system. This is great news, because now Redwood Shores residents are not required to purchase flood insurance. Thank you Redwood City for the considerable effort to get it done.

Good News:

  • Passage of Measure I providing funds to upgrade Ralston Middle School
  • Installation of the stop sign at Cringle and Redwood Shores Parkway
  • RSCA board member Jim Cvengros invited RSCA board members to elect new and old board members to the respective two-year term.  All were in agreement.
  • Michael Whatmore presented the artwork of Roshelle Carr to Mayor Jeff Ira and to School District Superintendant Dr. Emerita Orta-Camilleri. RSCA purchased the artwork to donate to the new Redwood Shores Elementary School.


Bad News:

  • Continuing goose poop problem
  • Tree roots damaging the pavement on Redwood Shores Parkway
  • Unsightly AT&T Uverse boxes that are coming
  • Illegal fishing in our lagoons


Redwood City Mayor Jeff Ira, Councilman Jeff Gee, Dr. Emerita Orta-Camilleri, Interim City Manager Bob Bell and Acting Police Chief Ed Hernandez all gave a look into the future of their specific responsibilities.  The message, however, was pretty much the same: “We are seeking ways to provide an acceptable level of service with reduced funds. The common thread of the solution is in increased volunteerism, employee concessions, restructure management and increase taxes.”  

The Mayor talked about of each city having its own management responsibilities, citing San Carlos as an example.  The city has turned over management of their police force to the Sheriff’s Department, a savings of about $2 million per year.  Mayor Ira stated that he and the Redwood City Council are determined not to reduce services below current levels, saying it would be unfair to taxpayers.


RSCA or RSOA? Redwood Shores Community Association or Redwood Shores Owners Association   

I am often asked the difference between the two. They are two separate organizations with distinct differences.


Mission: be an inclusive organization, recognize and celebrate the diversity of our community and advocate on issues that affect the quality of life in Redwood Shores.

Represented: the interest of homeowners, renters and other residents, and of businesses in Redwood Shores through proactive, inclusive actions which: encourages and promotes a safe and healthy environment for family life, advocates fairness in taxation of property, encourages responsible growth of property development, provides a forum for action within the Shores community, assists homeowners and maintenance organizations in achieving goals, informs the Shores community of events, activities and news which may impact them.     

Sponsored Events:

  • State of the Shores meeting
  • Easter “Eggstravaganza”
  • Co-sponsor of 4 Music in the Park events
  • Levee Clean-Up
  • Halloween Trick or Treat in the Park,
  • Santa comes to the Shores
  • Light up the Shores.

History: Under its original name of the Redwood Shores Homeowners Association, the County of San Mateo and the State of California incorporated this association on May 14, 1970. On Feb. 27, 2003, the Redwood Shores Homeowners Association, a non-profit mutual benefit corporation was changed to the Redwood Shores Community Association.

Membership: voluntary, open to Shores residents and businesses operating in the Shores and commercial property owners.

Government: volunteer board members (currently 21) that meet in open forum on the third Thursday of each month.

Publication: The organization distributes information through the Pilot, a monthly, mailed publication, RSCA Website, direct mail and on bulletin boards located in the median of Redwood Shores Parkway and Marine Parkway.



Mission: The Redwood Shores Owners’ Association’s mission is to preserve value and beauty in 80 percent of Redwood Shores, particularly the unique “look and feel” in each of its member neighborhoods.

Represented: The geographical scope of RSOA includes all residential developments built since 1981.  This includes 26 local associations, four apartment complexes, and one cooperative totaling 4,084 residential units. Also included, are two common areas including the marina and boat ramp by ’s.

The primary operational focus is architectural review and control over new construction and development, modification to exterior of properties of individual owners and local homeowners associations common areas, and improvements to waterfront yards. This also includes the operation and maintenance of two common areas and compliance with a wide variety of regulations set forth by the Davis-Sterling Common Interest Development Act. 

Membership: mandatory by virtue of ownership of property within RSOA’s jurisdictional boundaries

Government: volunteer board and committee and are assisted by

Professionals in association with management, architectural design, auditing and tax preparation, reserve funding, insurance and legal counsel. 

Publication: website, notices and disclosures throughout the year and e-mail blasts to member association boards and management companies.


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