1 Out of 2 Redwood City Residents Own a Home

In contrast, 9 out of 10 Woodside residents own their homes.


Click on the cities for home ownership details. Red cities have the lowest rates of home ownership. Greener cities have the highest. Yellow & orange fall between. 

Proponents of home ownership argue that it ties people more closely to a community and makes people more invested in taking care of a neighborhood.  

There are many factors that determine how much of a community is made up of homeowners vs. renters - age of the community, income, whether a town is mostly single-family housing or multi-family housing. 

The map above shows the percentage of Redwood City's population that owns a home, based on figures from the 2010 census. A full window view of the Bay Area map is available here. Click each city for details. 

Redwood City has a smaller homeownership rate compared to its immediate neighbors with 50.2 percent of housing units owned by their occupants.  That compares to 60.8 percent in Menlo Park and 89.8 percent in Woodside. 

Another nearby city with a signifiantly higher homeownership rate is Atherton at 90.7 percent. San Francisco checks in at 42 percent.

Do you think a high level of home ownership is important in a community?  Share your views with us in the comments section.

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Michael Craig March 15, 2013 at 06:03 PM
Lou-The City does decide which vendor to use for trash and they chose Recology who are notorious for raising rates. Did they get a no-bid contract? From what I understand San Francisco has been trying to get out from under Recology for years but they got some sweetheart lifetime or really long contract from San Francisco. Begs the question as to who our representatives are serving when they choose vendors that continually raise prices in whatever community they are serving. BTW-the article title should have said 50% of people own their home in Redwood City versus 90% in Woodside. It seems an odd comparison-kind of like saying 50% of people in East LA own their own homes versus 90% of people living in Beverly Hills. As far as I know there are far more apartments versus homes in Redwood City so this is a pointless comparison.
Lou Covey, The Local Motive March 16, 2013 at 03:21 PM
Michael, name for me one bidder for trash that is not notorious for raising rates.
Buck Shaw March 16, 2013 at 04:46 PM
Recology is a Sustainable, wonderful , gentile, green, employee owned company. Why they even opened first time contracts with RWC and then after it was signed the day they started they raised the rates. I'm sure there were other bidders to make it a fair deal. After all employee owned is more Fair and Sustainable,green and wonderful.
Michael Craig March 19, 2013 at 07:12 AM
Lou-name any previous trash company that raised the rates higher than Recology and I will eat my hat. If the company is soo green and wonderful and we are taking all the time to sort our trash and do the work for them-why aren't our rates lower? Maybe becuase what used to take one day to pick up trash in my neighborhood-now takes 2. That means twice the labor cost. Does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that inefficiencies cost more as well as all the shiny new trucks our overpriced collectors just charged us for. Check out the internet Lou and you will definitely find that Recology has a lot more haters than our previous trash collectors. Just wondering who bid last time and under what criteria were they chosen? Was it just "they are soo green and wonderful" or did anyone look at their track record of poor service and over charging their customers? Do some homework first Lou before your reply.
Lou Covey, The Local Motive March 19, 2013 at 05:47 PM
Michael, there is no reason to get snotty just because I disagree with you. Recology has actually reduced the amount of labor. When Waste Management was in charge. Each truck had a driver and two workers on board. It picked up trash, three typse of recycling and compost every other week. We were still "doing all their work for them." And the increases happened yearly. Recology trucks now have one person driving and picking up weekly and two people working per truck for special pickups. When you recycle, you put it all in one container, not three and wet trash and compost go in the same container. Yes, being responsible is a pain in the but but the system is simpler than it was. Now if you want to argue with that, fire away, but be polite.


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