People call me emo/goth. I am 14. I live in Kansas (They didnt have Kansas in the list!) I love to talk to people that are actually intristing! If you want to talk about math then i WILL ignore you. I am making my life better by quitting smoking, doing drugs and drinking. Anyone who is doing to same, PLEASE contact me. I love to skate, break horses, write, draw, and everything else artistic! I love to be outside and make things with wood or metal. I would die without music and i hate country, folk, oldies, classic rock, blues, and jazz. My favorite type of music is Screamo/Death Metal. If you dont like me then go away! i dont have time for people who call me a poser because im 100% real! If you piss me off make sure you move to  a different state! Im emmancipated and i am going to more to New Jersey.
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