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Rabbi Levi, born and raised in London, England, studied in Yeshivah in Israel, and New York, and received his Rabbinical Ordination from the Central Chabad Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY. He interned at the Jewish Community Center in Budapest and the Chabad Center in Hawaii.  Additionally he was a Roving Rabbi in far-flung communities across the globe, from Turkey to Estonia, to Panama and everywhere in between. 
Additionally, Rabbi Levi studied under the famed Kabbalist, Rabbi Yoel Kahan, and has lectured across the country on the practical application of Kabbalah.  Renowned for his dynamic personality, Rabbi Levi has brought his love and knowledge of Judaism to the relevance of daily life. Prior to moving to the Mid-Peninsula, Rabbi Levi directed the Executive Learning Program in New York, NY. Levi and his wife Ella moved to RWC in Octoberof 2010 and established the Chabad Jewish Center of the Mid Peninsula, the fastest growing Jewish congregation in the area. The Chabad Jewish Center is already known for its warmth, welcoming and non-judgemental atmosphere. At Chabad there is a community for the local Jews regardless of their backround, affiliation, or financial status. Chabad is home.  For More Information log onto www.JewishRedwoodCity.com or email Rabbi@JewishRedwoodCity.com
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