Sometimes a New Backpack Can Make All the Difference

The Samaritan House is asking for donations of backpacks and school supplies for some deserving kids in Redwood City and San Mateo County.

For most kids, a trip to the back-to-school supply aisle is taken for granted. But for many school children in San Mateo County, those backpacks, notebooks, calculators and pencil cases are tough to come by.

The , San Mateo County's social service organization is asking the public's help in collecting backpack and school supply donations for the county's kids who can't afford a trip to Staples or Target.

It's easy to donate! Here's a list of items that can be included in a new backpack (for either an elementary or a middle school student):

  • Elementary School: pencil case, pencils (and colored pencils), pens (various colors), kids' books, ruler, notebook, calculator (optional), fancy book cover (optional), an inspirational note (you can type on a computer and make multiple copies) such as “Have a great year, you are a great student!”
  • Middle School: colored pencils (12 pack), colored markers (8 pack; 1 bold pack, 1 thin pack), scissors (1 pair), crayons (24 pack), ruler, magic eraser, binder paper (1 pack), Pee-Chee folder, Pencils (1 dozen), pens (3), yellow highlighter (1), glue sticks (3 pack), and a pencil box.

Donations are being accepted during Samaritan House regular office hours, Mon.-Fri. 9am-noon and 1-5pm. and can be delivered to the administration office on the third floor of Samaritan House 4031 Pacific Blvd., in San Mateo.

provides services to help meet the essential daily needs of more than 12,000 low-income people within San Mateo County.


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