Which School Board Member Serves Your School?

The five Redwood City School District board members serve the 16 different schools.


As the school year kicks off, the board members ran for their positions in November to serve the students and their families. The board members attend various events and functions at each school, particularly graduations.

The district determines assignment by annual rotation.


Adelante Immersion School, Maria Diaz-Slocum

Clifford School, Dennis McBride

Fair Oaks School, Dennis McBride

Garfield School, Hilary Paulson

Hawes School, Hilary Paulson

Henry Ford School, Shelly Masur

Hoover School, Maria Diaz-Slocum

John Gill School, Maria Diaz-Slocum

Kennedy Middle School, Alisa MacAvoy

McKinley Institute of Technology, Dennis McBride

North Star Academy, Dennis McBride

Orion School, Shelly Masur

Roosevelt School, Hilary Paulson

Roy Cloud School, Alisa MacAvoy

Selby Lane School, Shelly Masur

Taft School, Alisa MacAvoy


Have a question about a budgets or policy? Take it up with the board’s sub-committees listed here:

Committee Boardmembers Budget Committee McBride & Paulson Policy Committee Masur & MacAvoy Charter School Committee McBride & Masur Audit Committee McBride & Paulson Grade Configuration/Enrollment Committee McBride & Paulson


Organization Boardmembers Redwood City 2020 Masur & Diaz-Slocum Wellness Committee Masur & Paulson Parcel Tax Citizens Oversight Committee TBD City Council Masur & Diaz-Slocum


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