What's All the Buzz About 'Big Picture' High School?

A new learning model for the Sequoia Union High School District will be introduced at a community meeting Feb. 3.

An innovative new learning option for students in the Sequoia Union High School District may soon be available. 

A proposal for Sequoia Big Picture High School (SBPHS) will be presented to the community on Monday, Feb. 3 at the Fair Oaks Library in Redwood City. 

To register for the community meeting, go to  https://sequoiabigpicturemenlopark.eventbrite.com

According to the program's website, Sequoia Big Picture High School is designed to fully engage students, personalize education, and help students take responsibility for their learning.

SBPHS was founded by a group of community volunteers, and guided by Big Picture Learning, a national non-profit with a proven school model (100 schools across the U.S. and around the world).

Sequoia Big Picture High School: Community Meeting
The SBPHS website lists the program's ten distinguishers as:
  • Learning in the Real World: Learning Through Interests (LTI): A unique opportunity for students to work one-on-one with a mentor to explore interests through independent projects and internships in the real world.
  • One Student at a Time: Personalization: Each student at SBPHS has a comprehensive, individualized learning plan that the student crafts with the guidance of the advisor, parent, and, where applicable, the internship mentor. 
  • Authentic Assessment:Assessments include public exhibitions, weekly check-in meetings with advisors, weekly journals, yearly presentation portfolios, and transcripts. Students are prepared to perform at the proficient or advanced levels on the California Standards Tests and pass the CAHSEE exam. 
  • School Organization: Small personalized learning communities that serve students of all abilities and interests. The school will have a ratio of one advisor to 20-30 students.
  • Advisory Structure: Each student works with an advisor who serves as a teaching catalyst. The advisor is a coach, mentor, teacher, manager, and often – friend.
  • School Culture: A vibrant and inclusive learning community that values diversity and respect.
  • Leadership: Is shared and spread between a strong, visionary principal and a dedicated, responsible team of teacher/advisors.
  • Parent/Family Engagement: Adult Support: SBPHS enrolls whole families and empowers parents to play an active role in their child’s education and in the school community.
  • School/College Partnership: College Preparation and Support:The focus is on preparing students for college and a meaningful career pathway. All students take college entrance exams and apply to at least one college or post-secondary school program. 
  • Professional Development Principals and advisors receive extensive training and professional development through Big Picture Learning.  

Register at: https://sequoiabigpicturemenlopark.eventbrite.com



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