Transit Notes: Safe Routes to School Connect Families

Kathy Schrenk shares transportation news from the Menlo Park City School District.

New Carpool-Bikepool-Walking School Bus Website!

Thanks to MPCSD’s Safe Routes to Schools grant, we have started using some fantastic new software made by carpooltoschool.com. Families at Encinal and Laurel can now sign up and get matched with others nearby who want to bike, walk or drive together (Oak Knoll and Hillview will be able to join later this school year).

We are really excited about this new opportunity and hope it will make getting to school with fewer cars on the road easier for everyone! Please sign up and encourage your classmates and neighbors to do so! Go to encinal.carpooltoschool.com or laurel.carpooltoschool.com

Car-bike collision near Encinal

An Encinal student was “doored” on Middlefield Road recently. The student was biking down Middlefield toward Encinal Ave and a car pulled in front of him onto the shoulder. Kids in the car opened the door into his path and he crashed, suffering a neck injury. Fortunately the cyclist was not seriously hurt, but the driver of the car did not stop to help. This is very unsafe for everyone involved.

When you need to drop off or pick up in your car, please review the procedures on your school’s web site. Remind your younger riders to stay out of the “door zone” when passing parked cars.

Please ride on the right side!

Studies show that the most common factor in bicycle accidents is bicyclists riding on the wrong side of the street. The major reason for these accidents occurring is that when vehicles are turning at intersections or entering traffic from a driveway, drivers are looking to the left. They may not see a bicyclist approaching from the right. Please ride with traffic and encourage your children to do so.

Helmet reminder

Adults are not required by law to wear helmets when cycling, but it’s a good idea, if only to serve as an example to our kids! Please wear your helmet, especially around schools.

Upcoming dates to note:

Nov 7: Oak Knoll Safe Routes to Schools plan update, 7 p.m., Oak Knoll gym. All Oak Knoll families, past present and future, are invited, plus anyone who lives in the Oak Knoll attendance area. Find out about the city’s goals for the updated plan and give your input!

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James Ferrando November 06, 2012 at 05:23 PM
I see so many 'near' accidents - biking/walking parents should 'teach' their children the do's and DON'Ts. When a parent rides a bike on the sidewalk, going the wrong way, children 'learn' from them that this is CORRECT - WRONG! On Ringwood/Coleman intersection. Bikes making left turn, Get into traffic(on Ringwood) and stop/signal (remember your 'arm signals') and procede to make a left turn onto Coleman. I see bicyclists in the bike lane trying to cross Ringwood in front of cars w/o signaling onto Coleman.Very dangerous as cars stop and proceed foward w/o seeing you trying to cross the street. Please learn that a bike is considered a vehicle - YOU have rights just like a car. USE THEM!!! It may aggrivate the drivers, but you have this right. The crossing guards can only do so much...please save your child and other children...they are our future
Vanessa Castañeda November 06, 2012 at 05:34 PM
James, thanks for sharing these tips with us. It's easy to forget that a bike is considered a vehicle by law enforcement when a large car is in the lane behind you.


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