Photos: Voters Reveal Who They Voted for

Residents took time out of their busy day to cast their ballots.

People stopped by today to exercise their most basic civic duty: voting.

However, mail-in ballots still continue to be a highly popular form of voting, said Supervisor Regina Johnson, who is also a local tax consultant.

At 3:30 p.m., few residents trickled in. Johnson predicted a spike would occur around 5 p.m. when more people got off work.

She added that this election did not contain measures that appealed to the older residents because many measures were school-related.

Resident Antonia Gomez, 78, said she all her decisions were based on what could “help the kids.”

“They deserve the same education as everyone else,” she said, her reason for voting yes on , the $564 million bond for the San Mateo Community College District and yes on the .

She said she abstained from voting on the because she did not know enough about.

Teenagers—though still ineligible to vote—were also involved, like volunteer and Woodside High School student Joyce Diaz, 17.

Her government teacher suggested she and her classmates volunteer to deeper understand the political process.

“I don’t think a ton of high schoolers take voting very seriously,” Diaz said. “But being here has been a learning experience.”


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