Students Go on Back to School Shopping Spree (PHOTOS)

Students roamed the aisles at Target with The Salvation Army and Wells Fargo volunteers to grab all the needed back to school supplies.

When students in the head back to school Monday, many will have the necessary school supplies to start the year right.

Last Tuesday, students selected by were treated to an $80 back-to-school shopping spree at the local on El Camino Real. Volunteers from Wells Fargo acted as personal shoppers for the students.

“The Target School Spree is a great opportunity to help students in need prepare for the new school year,” said Laysha Ward, President of Target’s Community Relations. “Each year, we look forward to teaming up with The Salvation Army to provide students with the back-to-school supplies they need to have a successful school year and stay on the path to graduation.”

As part the Target School Spree program, Target awarded all 40 of The Salvation Army Divisions nationwide a total of $960,000 worth of Target gift cards.

Check out from the same event last year.


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Aaron August 26, 2012 at 12:05 AM
How much does $80 buy at Target in "Back to School" items? here is my "bare minimum" back to school list ... One Backpack. $29-$39 new pair of Jeans $15-$22 Shoes $19-29 a ream of binder paper $4 box of pencils $4 5 subject notebook $4 Folder $3 + tax ... $80 dollars just about covers it ... let's talk about retail mark-up ... about 70% ... so ... $80 in target gift cards actually only cost the company about $24 ... so this $996,000 in "gift cards" should only count for about 300K ... so their $996,000 dollar contribution seems like lots ... but the reality is that is only 12,000 "back to school" packages provided nationwide... since this is clearly an advertising ploy rather than a charitable contribution, let's take a look at advertising. how much did they spend in in the past couple months advertising "back to school" sales? trendy commercial -- 2.2 million 30 second ad spot on "American Idol" --- $500,000 30 second ad spot on most networks during primetime ---- $115,000 if you watch American Idol and see the Target Ad ... that is 7,000 kids that went without care packages this year, as a 30 second slot is 500K .. wholesale mark-up ... $22,500 students outfitted
Aaron August 26, 2012 at 12:12 AM
so ... $115,000 dollars equals about 1,430 $80 packages ... or ... the reality of how much they actually spent wholesale on these items ... could have provided over 9000 kids with back to school gear. For every target commercial that airs between now and the start of school, over 1400 students could have been provided with much needed "back to school care packages" ... and the cost of making the actual commercial could have provided 27,000 more kids with care packages.... and if you take into account their wholesale mark-up ... 90,000 more students provisioned. so ... target looks like a good guy because some "poor" kids got some free stuff for their education ... but the reality of the situation is that this contribution was not a charitable donation at all, but a thinly veiled advertising ploy ... meanwhile ... these underprivileged students selected by salvation army were indoctrinated into the joy of shopping at Target, and assisted by "friendly" bankers. Target is bad enough for lobbying against marriage equality, but this is just dirty. I won't even touch Wells Fargo ... even though they were supposed grant loan modifications for qualifying mortgages as an agreement for taking 2008 bail out money, they still lead the county in foreclosures. If Wells was serious about providing volunteer opportunities for their employees, there are over 100 foreclosures, and 2000 loans in Redwood City over the next couple of months that should be reviewed.


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