Parents Opt for K-8 Grade Configuration

Superintendent Jan Christensen updated the Board of Education on the most recent discussions of the Grade Configuration, Enrollment and Programs Committee.

A key figure? Ultiimately 83 percent of children are in their school of choice, according to a survey of district parents initiated by Grade Configuration, Enrollment and Programs Committee.

Superintendent Jan Christensen updated the distric's Board of Education Wednesday on the discussions of the committee and key elements of a report that surveyed more than 1,500 district parents.

“The district is really a district of choice throughout the entire district,” Christensen said.

The survey, which tallied responses from every school in the district, showed the majority of parents were comfortable in their current placement.

“That was as true for as it was for Selby Lane,” she said.

Another key element of the survey, Christensen said, was approximately 62 percent of those surveyed were in favor of a K-8 grade configuration.

“The statistics really haven’t changed for preference of program and grade configuration,” Christensen said.

Transportation, which has been a concern in past discussions, was only found to be problematic to 8 percent of parents.

The main concerns discussed at the session concerned and .

“We need to do something with the Hawes boundary,” Christensen said.

The board was in agreement as Christensen said the enrollment of students was too high for the school’s facilities.

For Adelante, the draw of parents to enroll their children in the 992 API scored North Star Academy, has possibly affected the overall value of their school.

“At Adelante it affects us differently in the way it affects the integrity of our program,” said Adelante parent Michele Haussler.

Along with Adelante teacher Susanne Ruiz-Dunlap, the parent suggested that the board develop a policy as to how North Star can pull students from Adelante.

“It’s really hurting our program,” Ruiz-Dunlap said.

Ruiz-Dunlap said it is difficult to replace those previously enrolled students, especially if a classroom must maintain a certain number in enrollment.

“You have to commit to stay there,” Ruiz-Dunlap said of Adelante parents.

The committee meets again April 17 and will be starting a voting process concerning grade configuration, enrollment and programs.

Final decisions are ultimately left to a vote by the board of education.

Among other actions of the board included the unanimous decision to refinance a $22 million General Obligation Bond in order to in debt service savings to taxpayers.

Taxpayers approved Measure B in 2002, which allowed the district to issue the General Obligation Bond, and taxpayers have been repaying the bond since.

Refinancing will result in savings to bond repayment and lower tax rates.

The district’s general fund will not be impacted by the refinance. 

Property owners could save $1.70 average tax rate per $100,000 assessed value.

In the case of fluctuation, said Chief Business Official Raul Parungao, the district will keep a close watch on projections.

“We will determine what the potential savings might be,” Parungao said.

The minimum amount the district will consider is $1 million in savings, he said.

The next Redwood City School District Board of Education meeting will be held at the District Office at 7 p.m. on April 11.

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Buck Shaw March 29, 2012 at 11:31 PM
" save a potential $4 million" "Refinancing will result in savings to bond repayment and lower tax rates" "general fund will not be impacted by the refinance" "Property owners could save" "“We will determine what the potential savings might be,” Either it is or it isn't. Do the Math! We have already payed for ten years now, another 30 years of debt? Most interest is loaded up front in the first half of a loan. Do the Math. When adding interest and new loan don't forget you have to add the ten years of payments allready payed into the total. Do the Math. If it comes out great, fine. But I don't really think it will...
Tia Creighton Knuedler April 02, 2012 at 12:53 AM
From what I heard, North Star Academy's negative effect(s) on all the Redwood City elementary and middle schools was a MAJOR concern brought up at all the meetings held by this committee. But the RCSD board just keeps on ignoring the issue of its elitist public/private school.
Mona March 01, 2013 at 02:52 AM
Cheers to the board for keeping options open for RWC kids who would otherwise move out of the city if we had to suffer with low level academics and unmet needs. It keeps all of our home values up, too...! I vote for 1-2 more NSA type schools to meet the high demand!!


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