Ralston Middle School Principal to Resign Jan. 31

Principal Jennifer Kollmann will remain with the district as director of educational services; assistant principal, Donna Sims, will serve as the school's interim principal.


In an email letter to staff and community members, superintendent  Thursday announced the resignation of principal Jennifer Kollmann. 

Orta-Camilleri said Kollmann will step down as principal to become the district's director of educational services.  

"At the end of last school year we determined a need to expand our District level support team to ensure that we would continue to provide leadership and support to our teachers, support staff, and site administrators in the area of curriculum, instruction, student services, enrollment, and personnel," said Orta-Camilleri's written statement.

During her four-year tenure as principal, Jennifer Kollmann has been credited by district administrators for increasing the school's API scores, integrating technology into all facets of the school, and expanding electives. 

Kollmann's appointment will result in a realignment of district support staff, namely, Dr. Suzanne Roy, who serves as assistant superintendent of educational services and personnel, will shift her emphasis to personnel, and will now support the transition of the new director of educational services (Kollmann). 

According to Orta-Camilleri, the new team of Kollmann and Roy will work on the multiple facets of educational services, such as curriculum, instruction, and assessment. 

Assistant principal, Donna Sims will become interim principal, and dean of students, Matt Pavao, will become interim assistant principal. 

These personnel changes will be effective Feb. 1.

TM January 20, 2012 at 04:29 PM
Not a comment on anyone's abilities here, but isn't this what the teachers call increasing the payroll of administration?
Justin January 20, 2012 at 06:31 PM
There's a backstory there. Principals don't resign unless they're driven out. It's strange that she's still working in the district. Why didn't they just "reassign" her instead? Weird.
Joan S. Dentler January 20, 2012 at 06:40 PM
Justin, I believe the resignation is just a formality---ending one job before starting another. If you read the comments from the superintendent I think you'll see that this is more of a "reorganization" than a resignation.
Vivian January 21, 2012 at 07:26 AM
Very odd to call this a resignation when it's really a promotion - any other business or organization would have called it a wonderful promotion. Likely related to the current superintendent being terminated or as the district called it 'not renewing her contract.' So now this district of 3000 or so students will have one superintendent and three asst. superintendents...that's a lot of administration. They will surely need to pass a new parcel tax in November or raise more money through School-Force to support this.
Agreed. It's almost a carbon-copy of what San Carlos did


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