Orion School Walk-a-Thon Raises $4,000 for African Children

Last year, Orion raised $3,000 for desks. This year, the school raised $4,000 for uniforms.

In April, held its annual walk-a-thon to help the non-profit Asante Africa purchase much needed supplies for children in East Africa, according to its blog.

Its third year in a row, the small school of 260 students was able to raise $1,000 more than last year to provide the students with school uniforms. Last year, they raised $3,000 for desks for students at Montonyak Primary School in Kenya.

"Asante" means "thank you" in Swahili, and Asante Africa gave profuse thanks to the generous efforts of the school.

Before the walk-a-thon, Orion School also invited another non-profit, Cheza Nami, to educate students and provide a greater understanding of African culture. Meaning "come play with me," Cheza Nami brought the culture of Africa to Orion through dance, play and movement.


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