North Star Does Full Day Enrichment Circus Style

This day is where kids get to have a day to have fun in a Circus style.

On this Friday at , which was Full Day Enrichment, many students went on field trips, but not the Circus Sirius Enrichment.

In this class each person had to do a couple projects. Some people did projects that were not heard of. Some did projects that had been done before, but they added their own personal touch.

For example, some of the projects could have been a poster, a flyer, an essay, making 10 to 20 juggling balls for the class, or anything that is actually a project, but you would have to ask the teacher about that.

The Circus Sirius Enrichment stayed at school and had a full out party with soda, popcorn, Jamba Juice, chips and dip, cookies, and brownies.  

Every person in the class had a great time. We watched old Russian Circus movies. Most of the people thought the movies were funny. Everyone had a chance to do something fun during this time period. As I said, this is better than taking a test.

All the people in this Enrichment had a fun and amusing day. That only comes around at the end of each trimester. 

Author's Note: I have a job for you dog lovers. Take vey good care of your dog for the next week because they take very good care of you.


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