K-8 School Board Incumbents Sail to Re-Election

Incumbents MacAvoy, McBride and Masur win the three seats on the school board.

In a , the three incumbents on the school board re-claimed their seats over challenger .

inched her way as the top vote-getter with 4,495, just 29 votes ahead of with 4,466 votes. came in third with 4,126.

Though Cuniberti-Duran had her solid block of supporters with 2,345 votes, signs could be seen dotted around the neighborhood with the slate “Re-Elect Alisa MacAvoy, Shelly Masur, Dennis McBride.”

At the , Cuniberti-Duran was unable to attend, leaving the slate of three to reiterate their platforms to a familiar audience.

“I knew it was going to be a tough battle, but I wanted an election so there would be a debate,” said Cuniberti-Duran. “I wanted to push forward some issues. And in that sense, I was successful. It was a positive outcome."

She intends to remain active in the district, where her three children attend, and particularly in the Special Education PTA (SEPTAR.)

Cuniberti-Duran had previously run against incumbents Maria Diaz-Slocum and Hilary Paulson in 2009, choosing to run again to provide more district operations transparency. However, she said she is uncertain whether she will run for public office again in the future.

She also was hoping to schedule the proposed June parcel tax election simultaneously with the general election in November.

She said the last special election in June 2009 for a parcel tax cost more than $400,000, with $280,000 to pay San Mateo County for the special election plus $139,000 for an outside consultant, numbers confirmed by the San Mercury News.

“I am pro parcel tax, but why not wait for the general election when it won’t cost a dime?” she told Patch.

The three incumbents have vocally expressed their , though haven’t stated specifically when they believe the election should be held.

In addition to facing a parcel tax election, the boardmembers will continually face a state that at irregular intervals.

Yet, the boardmembers are coming back for another four years to a position that the “hardest job in the world.”

"It's pleasing to see that the voters have supported the three of us [incumbents]," MacAvoy said.

McBride said, "We have wonderful kids and we need people who are going to look out for them."


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