Woodside High's New Homecoming Princess

The Adler family of Woodside is celebrating their daughter Nicole's recent crowning, and share a touching poem she wrote about the experience.


This was sent to Patch by the Adler family of Woodside.

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Her family is over the moon, but probably no one is more elated than Nicole Adler about her recent crowning as a Homecoming Princess of Woodside High School.

The Adler family shared this photo they took of Nicole when she came home with her crown after the dance, and also shared this poem she wrote about her very special night.


I just won Homecoming Princess 
I can't believe it 
I won it 
People really like me for me 
I just got princess 
I do not know how people put me up there 
I was surprised when they called my name 
I can't believe it 
I got a crown and a cache 
It was a night to remember 
In my life 
Homecoming and Prom 
Is a great night to always look back on 
In your life 
I just won homecoming Princess and I can't believe it 
I just won Homecoming 
I was shocked about the whole thing 
But I won it 
And I am happy inside


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Christi November 09, 2012 at 03:14 AM
So cool... way to go Nicole!


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