Familias--and Students-- Graduate at Hoover School

Twenty Redwood City families graduated Thursday evening from a program teaching reading, math, and technology to non-native English speakers.

After an eight-week intensive summer program, twenty families graduated Thursday from the “Families United through Literacy and Learning” or ‘Familias Unidas’ program. 

The program is unique among programs of its kind, as it focuses on the whole family, rather than solely on the children. The objective of that focus, according to Program Administrator Kim Zuno, is to help families create a literacy program at home.

“These parents have worked very hard these past three months to better the lives of their children,” said Ninfa Zuno, the original founder.

The first part of the program focuses on reading strategies, while the second part of the program allows families to apply those strategies in a broader context to science, technology and current events.

The program itself was started by Kim Zuno’s parents-in-law, Secundino and Ninfa Zuno, in 2007. Since then, the Zunos have expanded the program to be offered more often, so that families can take the course throughout the year.

The final objective, Zuno said, is for children to have the necessary skills to go to college.

The graduation ceremony, held at the , was attended by board members from the as well as by Deputy Superintendent John Baker.

At the ceremony, in addition to receiving their graduation certificates, families also showcased their accomplishments from the course.

Manuela Palacios, Camilla, her daughter, and Josefina Celaya proudly showcased their projects, including a spaceship and posters of the Milky Way.

For the families, the program may be over, but for the Zunos, the work continues. In the future, they plan on expanding the program to other schools to reach more families.

For more information about Familias Unidas, email familiasunidaslectura@gmail.com


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