162 K-8 School District Employees Made Over $100K

New records show all the salaries of Redwood City School District employees.

One hundred and sixty-two employees in the made over $100,000 in salary and benefits in 2011 and six made over $150,000, according to data recently released by Bay Area News Group.

The online database was created as part of an ongoing public records project started by Bay Area News Group that has detailed the spending for 271 government agencies throughout the Bay Area.

The data shows the cost of salaries, medical insurance and retirement benefits and other compensation for more than 185,000 workers at counties, cities, special districts and school districts that released the information under the state public records act.

To compare, see of the highest paid city employees.

Some highlights for the Redwood City School District:

Out of the city's 1,429 full-time and part-time employees, Superintendent Jan Christensen made the most with a salary of $176,435 and a total compensation of $227,028. She is the only employee in the district to make more than $200,000.

The top 28 paid officials are all administrators, directors, principals and assistant principals.

The highest paid teacher—Gail Gregg— is a Special Education Teacher for the visually impaired with a salary of $86,640 and total compensation of $128,121.

In contrast, more recently hired teachers make a salary of $25,000 to $30,000.

Here is a breakdown, by total compensation, of the 25 top-paid district employees in 2011:

Name Title Salary Total Cost of Employment** Janet Christensen Superintendent $176, 435 $227,028 Raul Parungao Chief Business Official $157,590 $198,178 John Baker Deputy Superintendent $151,442 $182,383 Donald Dias Director of Maintenance & Operation $125,319 $157,166 Joshua Griffith Principal () $125,549 $151,458 Michelle Griffith Principal (Garfield) $125,549 $150,348 Linda Montes Principal () $125,549 $149,702 Philip Lind Principal () $125,549 $148,662 Raymond Dawley Principal () $125,549 $148,543 Rosemarie Perez Director of English Language $125,319 $148,345 Lynne Griffiths Principal () $124,000 $147,689 Warren Sedar Assistant Principal (Selby Lane) $125,549 $147,641 Cathy Okubo Principal () $125,549 $145,830 Gregory Land Principal () $120,975 $142,657 Joseph Siam Director of Technology $111,920 $142,316 Amanda Rothengast Principal () $118,025 $140,377 Patricia Girardi Principal () $115,147 $139,024 Kimberley Chen Controller - Accounting $107,444 $137,157 Ma Guadalupe Guzman Principal () $112,338 $135,998 Wendy Kelly Principal () $113,136 $134,828 Jane Yuster Director of Testing & Assessment $111,920 $133,874 Terese Talmage Director of Special Education $112,134 $133,142 Christine Hiltbrand Assistant Principal () $107,647 $132,150 Antonio Perez Prinicpal () $110,510 $131,374 Patricia Rivera Pelino Principal () $109,597 $130,893

**Total Cost of Employment includes overtime, other cash pay, employee contributions to medical, dental, vision, pension and deffered compensation, and miscellaneous payments.

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Philippe July 15, 2012 at 09:37 PM
Indeed please DO leave no stone unturned. Give us facts and leave opinions for the commenters. Keep them coming!
Bob Sanchez July 15, 2012 at 10:06 PM
for those who say that police and fire are over paid i suggest take a ride along with them on a friday and sat nights and see where your tax dollars go they have to deal with gangs drunk people fights loud parties and other issues on Fire they dont just sit around the fire house they go out on public asst police on medical calls and if you have a family member who ill and needs assitance they respond i seen all of the above
Hamilton Woods July 16, 2012 at 03:09 AM
Police and Fireman are another story. Getting back to the educational overspending. The problem is that they have always said that Redwood City schools need better teachers and principals to be able to do a good job. They have even gone outside of the state to do the hiring. They also believe that by throwing more and more money towards education, that it will get better. Only problem with that is that there should be a lot more strict accountability. In some instances they have offered to pay housing for these people to relocate to Redwood City and receive such high yearly wages. Years back when one of my kids was attending a public school here in Redwood City, as President of the PTA I used to receive copies of a yearly report where all the schools in California were rated by way of student test scores. The school my kid was attending was not in last place, but it was in second to last place. Since then I really have not seen any major improvements in the Sequoia District schools, especially at the high school level. Yet every year, more and more money is being diverted somehow for these individuals to receive such high yearly wages.
Judi Mahoney July 17, 2012 at 06:46 PM
I have the distinct feeling Mr. Baird refuses to see the loss of "70 teachers" in a year as being partially the doing of the chief Bradford hunter. Years ago a now retired principal said at a staff mtg if a Columbine happened at our school, he hoped the shooter would take out a particular teacher he despised. When this teacher tried to get backing from the "union" to discipline such outlandish speech that all had heard, the union chose to do nothing because some members urged the rep to not support the teacher!! RCTA is a joke--- do members know they are supposed to be notified annually that they do not have to pay full dues? Of course NOT.
PI buzz March 29, 2013 at 05:58 PM
Nationwide directory of public employee salary and name databases: http://pibuzz.com/government-employees/


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