Compare Rents in Redwood City and Woodside

Wonder what your neighbors pay for rent? This map details it.

Rent costs vary wildly in Redwood City and Woodside.

Now you can see just how pricey renting is, and how those costs compare neighborhood-by-neighborhood.

A new data-based website, Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks uses U.S. census information compiled from the 2007-2011 American Community Survey to show median household income and monthly rents by census tract.

The median rent was priciest in the blocks surrounding Stafford Park, where they averaged $1,844, according to the most recent data available from the U.S. Census.

It was cheaper near Highway 280. There the rent averaged $1,205.

Renting in the neighborhoods around Highway 101 also cost less. There the rents varied from $966 to $1,286.

Rents were $1,938 a month in Woodside.

See more on the map above. The lighter the color, the cheaper the rent. Rents in several Census tracts in Redwood City weren't reported.

Are you surprised by any of the local data? Tell us in the comments section.

Don't expect it to get any cheaper to live here. An MSN Real Estate article published this spring named the 10 cities where rents will rise most this year. Nearby San Jose and San Francisco were the only California cities to make the list.

In San Francisco, the effective rent at end of 2012 was $1,970, a 5.7 percent increase from the year prior, and the forecasted effective rent growth in 2013 is 5.2 percent.

In San Jose, the effective rent at end of 2012 was $1,616, a 5.4 percent increase from 2011. The forecasted effective rent growth in 2013 is 5.3 percent, according to MSN Real Estate.

The average rent in California is $1,185 a month according to the 2007-2011 American Community Survey. Statewide middle rental-range is $996.00 to $1,193.00.

To see the data mapped out census tract by census tract, visit the Rich Block, Poor Blocks website.

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residentwithopinions April 26, 2013 at 02:00 PM
It always surprises me when an article like this comes out using census data from 2011 and older. #1 we know people lie on the census form about how many people live in their home and who knows what else, this it is not the most reliable information, #2 just get on Craigslist to do some research on what's available and at what price. Renting a 2bdrm apartment with carpet, outdated kitchens and new paint can run one around $2100 a month, fancy apartments with amenities like a pool and roof top veranda $2500 and up. If you want to rent a cottage or house well, it depends n the neighborhood and age of house, sq ft etc. So maybe these are the averages for 2011 but not 2013.
Jeri Daines April 26, 2013 at 04:01 PM
Residentwithopinions is correct. When discussing real estate (whether sales or leasing) the two most important factors are time and location. 2007-2011 is almost a generation ago when talking about real estate. In Redwood City you can expect a new lease to run about $1000 for a basic studio and it just goes up from there. Single-family homes vary but on the west side of Redwood City, you could be paying $2500, $3500, I've even seen $4300/mo and these aren't your huge homes in prime locations. A decent two bedroom duplex is running over $2000/mo. And if you're looking for more square footage with more lot size, homes in Emerald Hills (depending on size and amenities) can easily cost $7500+/month. It's no doubt we are living in some of the priciest real estate in the country!
Cliff Keith April 26, 2013 at 07:14 PM
My experience has shown me in today's rental market in Redwood City one can expect to spend approx. $1000.00 per bedrooms as an off the cuff estimate. Rents are not going DOWN because of increase job opportunities, increased population growth, foreclosures, and cost of living increases (go to the store and buy a bag of food) taking place in Redwood City. I agree with all who voiced concerns with the data used in this article as not having any relevancy in today's Redwood City real estate. Here's may take on rents for 2013 I posted on my blog in January: http://sfbayhomes.com/expect-the-same-for-2013-spiking-rents/


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