UPDATE: Which Neighbors Have Concealed Weapons Permits?

San Mateo County, similar to the state of Florida, allows residents to apply for a concealed weapons permit for “good cause.”

To Our Readers:

We've decided to remove from four Patch websites a part of an article published on Friday that detailed information about owners of concealed weapons in Redwood City, Menlo Park, Half Moon Bay and Pacifica.

The initial decision to publish this article was not an easy one for us. The subsequent decision to remove the names of the San Mateo County residents who possess a concealed weapons permit is also difficult.

However, after much thought and discussion among our editorial team, we decided that we did not have a compelling reason to publish the names even though they are a matter of public record. 

Clearly, the article hit some nerves. The discussion about guns and gun ownership in this country is intense. We saw that intensity in the comments.
An essential part of Patch is to have a civil discussion about many issues that affect us. Unfortunately, many of the comments we received regarding this article were less than civil, and bordered on vitriolic.
We always welcome good, constructive comments. Contentious issues within our communities need to be discussed, but that public forum of thoughts and ideas can only be constructive if certain standards are maintained.

Highly negative, inflammatory comments violate our Patch terms of service, and need to be deleted from our article's comment stream as such. Personal attacks, and personal threats, cannot be tolerated for any number of reasons, and will also be removed. That's why we had to remove several threatening comments that came to us after publication of the article.

-Patch Staff


In light of an alleged self-defense killing of 17-year-old unarmed Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, Florida’s concealed weapons laws have been thrust into the spotlight. Most residents can obtain concealed weapons permits, according to state law.

In California, in contrast, residents must contact their local police department or county Sheriff’s Office, as rules differ by region. San Mateo County residents may obtain Concealed Weapons permits (CCP), which allows them to legally  carry a loaded "pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed on the person.”

The state’s FAQ website offers more information, such as eligibility requirements to obtain a permit.  

San Mateo County has developed a uniform application form for the various policing jurisdictions within the county. This application must be filled out and submitted, along with the fee for service. The application must include a written explanation regarding the need to carry a concealed weapon.
The application will be reviewed during a personal interview with Support Services' staff at the time of submittal to discuss the need for the license, criminal history and consequences of carrying a concealed weapon.

Following the interview, an appointment for fingerprint submission will be obtained. An additional fee will be collected by the technician to pay for the processing of the print cards by the State of California, as part of the background investigation. This may take six to eight weeks to process.

The applicant must also complete a course training between 16 to 24 hours.

The following people have completed the course: 

Name (removed)  occupation  permit approval date permit expiration date Nursery School Director  12/10/2009 12/10/2011 Bail Agent 1/27/2011 1/27/2013 Bailbonds 3/11/2009 3/11/2012 Plumber/Contractor 4/30/2010 4/30/2012 Self-Employed/Business Owner  9/4/2009 9/30/2013 Retired Physician  8/16/2010 8/15/2012 Fed Firearms Dealer  4/28/2010 4/28/2012 Coroner  7/21/2009 7/21/2011 Arson Investigator  9/30/2009 9/30/2011 Attorney  10/2/2010 10/2/2012 Eye Surgeon  3/10/2010 3/10/2012 Business Owner  11/1/2010 11/1/2012 ATM Company Owner  6/25/2009 6/25/2011 Numismatist 10/27/2010 10/27/2012 Retired  9/30/2010 9/30/2012 Private Investigator 4/30/2011 4/20/2013 Retired 1/5/2011 1/5/2013 Fire Inspector/SMCSO Reserve 9/30/2009 9/30/2013 Retired Physician 8/16/2010 8/16/2012

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Rick March 31, 2012 at 09:55 AM
I tried to post here earlier, but for some reason I wasn't able to (not because of anything derogatory)... I could see there being a possibility of "vigilante" crimes taking place against these license holders because of the Zimmerman situation, and if there is (and I pray that it doesn't happen), I could see there being many many angry law abiding people not just at the possible future thugs, but at Patch and Ms. Chan. If I were in Ms. Chan's shoes, I would more than definitely not even think of posting such information. I absolutely feel that this is a really super bad time to be posting names of carry license holders because of the race war that has ensued as a result of the Zimmerman situation. Ms. Chan and Ms. Castañeda, please remove these articles. And having said that, I wonder about the legal risk of posting Ms. Chan's address (if it's even the correct one). Even I wouldn't take that risk unless I was absolutely certain that it were legal, and even then, I wouldn't want to be partly responsible for the unpredictable. This is why I would always strongly advise against posting the names of carry license holders.
John March 31, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Looks like tens of thousands of readers know where the author lives now. Hey, that might be "good cause" for a CCW in San Mateo County.
Shawn Baker March 31, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Stacie, if you had any journalistic integrity, you wouldn't be deleting so many comments.
jeff Taylor March 31, 2012 at 02:27 PM
I bet this will be gone by lunchtime,,its only ok to put out names and addresses of people she sees fit to,,but hers is a no no.
jeff Taylor March 31, 2012 at 02:28 PM
typical liberal,,, "good for me,, not good for thee"


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