Stop Signs Coming to Oak Ave. at Clinton St.

Neighbors’ concerns over traffic safety will lead to two stop signs on Oak Avenue.

The city will likely install stop signs in the Oak Avenue and Clinton Street intersection, pending city council’s approval at tonight’s meeting. The signs will help increase traffic safety in an intersection with approximately 3,300 vehicles traveling through it daily, staff said.

Oak Avenue (the major-volume street) forms a T-shaped intersection with Clinton Street (the minor-volume street), which already has a stop sign before turning onto Oak Avenue. Installation of stop signs on eastbound and westbound Oak Avenue will begin installation in three weeks if approved.

There have been 11 reported collisions at or near the intersection in the last 10 years, with three occurring this year.

The total cost of the installation is $2,500, with minor future costs. The funds will come from the Gas Tax Construction Fund, which is allocated $1 million a year, according to City Engineer Peter Vorametsanti. The fund covers traffic projects such as , streetlight installation and the Blomquist Avenue extension project.

City staff said the intersection met stop sign policy, which determines which intersections qualify for all-way stop signs. The policy says the major street must carry between 1,000 and 4,000 vehicles per day—Oak Avenue has 2,100—, and the minor street must carry at least 900 vehicles—Clinton Street has 1,200.

The stop signs will improve pedestrian safety, notably because the intersection is six blocks from . In a survey mailed to all neighborhood residents, 28 residents of 30 responses said they supported the stop sign installation.

The city will not have to conduct an environmental impact report, which is mandated by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), because the stop signs qualify as a minor alteration to the existing public streets.

Once installed, stop signs cannot be removed.


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