Secret Service to Handle Romney Fundraiser Security at Hotel Sofitel

As prominent guests arrive for the presidential hopeful’s fundraising event, Secret Service will be monitoring security of the premises.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is stopping at for a Monday at 5:30 p.m. Secret Service will be responsible for providing security for the private event, according to General Manager John Hutar.

He could not provide any additional details about like Occupy Redwood City, who will be under the guise of "Multi-Millionaires for Mitt."

Romney began receiving Secret Service protection in early February, not because of any perceived threats, but because of the growing crowds associated with Romney’s appearances and events, reported ABC News.

The Secret Service is responsible for protecting presidential candidates as well as the president. The Department of Homeland Security, in consultation with congressional leadership, ultimately designates who receives the protection.

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is also receiving protection from Secret Services.

This is just one of several stops in California for “Javelin,” the Secret Service codename Romney selected, reported GQ. Speculations have arisen for the code name, linking it to the to the '60s muscle car made by American Motors Corporation

The only real rule the Service has is that the word chosen be comprehensible over the radio and not be similar to someone else's. That's why code names tend to have two or three strong syllables.

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Rudy T March 26, 2012 at 07:26 PM
We the tax payers are seriously paying for our Secret Service people as security??? Shouldn't Romney be paying for this? or take it from his states budget. If you need the secret service for protection, you need to go back to your PR person and see what's wrong or just have a kegger at Meg's house in Menlo Park, she is only blocks from all the other supporters. Should we make sure that the hotel maids and grounds keepers are properly documented before Meg & Mitt have Sofitel fire them before their arrival? Sorry I couldn't resist...


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