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Residents React to High Paid City Employees

Redwood City residents responded negatively to hearing news that 43 city employees earn over $250,000 per year

New records have shown that of the City of Redwood City earn more than $250,000 per year including benefits.

Patch took a walk downtown to talk to residents and get their take on the high number of city employees making top dollar.

"I think it's ridiculous," said Jim Comstock. "I can't really say much more than that."

Some residents viewed the high pay of city employees as having a direct trade off effect on other service cuts.

Gonzalo Alvarez, who works with Redwood City school children critiqued the high employee pay especially when contrasted with cuts to education.

"That money could be used for after school programs," said Alvarez.

Others expressed concerns that city employees are already given job security and as a result do not need high salaries as well.

"The city should be on the same level as the private sector," said Sasha Hunt.

Hunt added that she does not believe the city employees put in the requisite work to be worthy of high salaries.

"City workers lack the ambition to do better," said Hunt.

Only one resident came to the defense of the high paid employees.

"If they're really helping and doing what they're supposed to do then I guess that's cool, if they're worth it," said Steven Licatesi.

Though many residents expressed the sentiment, Adam Keb said it most succinctly.

"Gee, I want to be paid that much."

For the full list of employees making over $250,000, click .


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sonia July 13, 2012 at 03:50 PM
Most of the recipients of these high wages are from the police and fire dept. Just don't know how Redwood City can justify this, outrageous!
TGD July 13, 2012 at 04:28 PM
It's basically the dynamics of the economy. It goes in cycles. The economy is good for a decade then not so good for a decade, timelines vary but that's the way I've seen it. So when the economy is up everyone gets a bit more, but when the economy slows it isn't as easy as just paying less, hence it is easier to lay off the "excess" to meet fiscal needs than reduce individual salaries (less legal bureaucracy). It is unfortunate that the wages in public positions are not more equally matched, like teachers and fire/police, but much of that is union related (I believe unions are needed but can be excessive in the same realm). Unfortunately, the "Layoff Tree" is hacked away from the bottom up, to the point of having an understaffed work force that only supports those at the top that lack the ability to keep the whole entity functional. When have you heard of any CEO sacrificing any salary or taking a pay cut before the lower echelon is slashed or eliminated?
Jeff July 14, 2012 at 02:48 PM
Another example of top down economics. Eventually all the people on top won't have the little people to support them. They will accually have to work for a living. All their assistants, secretaries and seconds in command will have been laided off, leaving them to do the job themselves. Then watch how fast those laid off people are hired back.


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