UPDATE: Planned Parenthood Prepares for Final Decision Despite Parking Ambiguity

The City Council will decide in September whether to approve Planned Parenthood's move to El Camino Real.

The City Council is the next stop for Planned Parenthood, which is pressing ahead with its application to move into an El Camino Real location.

During a seven-month application process, Planned Parenthood has withstood , , and an Rent-a-Car .

At a meeting on Sept. 12 or 19, the council is scheduled to decide whether to allow the health clinic to locate at 2980 El Camino Real or force it to search for another site.

The city’s zoning administrator on May 20. The application met all of the city’s zoning requirements, except for parking.

Planned Parenthood needed to provide proof of an adequate number of parking spots for employees, according to Zoning Administrator Blake Lyon.

He said he approved the Planned Parenthood permit because of its promise to provide sufficient parking. The City Council can uphold, reverse or modify Lyon's decision.

“The City Council has to decide if they’re comfortable moving forward without a [parking] resolution,” Lyon said.

Lyon's decision pleased Planned Parenthood.

“We’re very excited that the city is allowing us to move forward with the hearing,” said Planned Parenthood spokesperson Lupe Rodriguez.

Planned Parenthood has struck a parking agreement with Enterprise that could provide the needed space, but the organization could not provide further details about the deal. The city staff hadn’t received confirmation of the parking spaces from Enterprise, either.

Six days after the zoning administrator’s permit approval, protestors filed an appeal, citing four points of concern.

Gregory Weiler of Palmieri, Tyler, Wiener, Wilhelm & Waldron, LLP, representing 40 clients, said the clinic should not receive exemptions to certain environmental provisions. The appeal also cites moral issues, inadequate parking and police staffing concerns over inevitable protests.

Planned Parenthood is urging community members to attend the council meeting and express their support for the proposed clinic. Rodriguez said the clinic has received nothing but positive support from local residents and neighboring businesses.

“There’s nothing to protest,” Rodriguez said. “We’re providing primary health care for children and families, men and women. It’s very unfortunate that people want to harass patients while they’re getting care.”

But should the council reject the application, Rodriguez said Planned Parenthood would continue providing care for the Bay Area.

“We’d find a way,” she said.

residentwithopinions August 17, 2011 at 03:02 PM
I used to go to PP all through college, and it is a clean, well respected organization that helps women and families at affordable prices who might not have as many health care options as people holding PPO and HMO health coverage. With that said, a parking debate, really? That would be the stupidest reason to reject their application but I wouldn't be surprised if the city council does reject it, they seem to make stupid decisions all the time.
Chris Manton August 20, 2011 at 03:44 AM
Since you assert the city council makes stupid decisions all the time, it makes me wonder about your handle "futurecitycouncilmember" ;). City zoning requirements are the best practices for all residents and businesses to abide to provide safety and equity for all residents. However, sometimes the code may change periodically, appear contradictory and occasionally special exemptions may be handed out for what may seem to be misleading or arbitrary reasons. This particular issue has little to do with parking and everything to do with the emotional nature of our societies polarized attitude towards abortion. If the business in question was of low news value, say green dry-cleaning, nobody would know or care. My predication is the city council will not grant a parking exemption, which will force the permit revocation, but PP will rebound and in a short time find another location close by that dots the i's and crosses the t's of all the city zoning requirements.


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