PHOTOS: Redwood City & Woodside Follow the Presidential Debate with Patch

Patch readers turned out to follow the presidential debate and share their views at our viewing party Wednesday night.

Voters from Redwood City, Woodside, San Carlos and other Peninsula cities turned out for Patch's presidential debate viewing party Wednesday night at 5th Quarter Pizza to share their opinions, meet their neighbors and listen to Romney's and Obama's positions on the issues.

Locals showed just how important the presidential election is to them by staying for the entire 90-minute debate and keeping their eyes and ears virtually glued to the screen.

The major issues of the night were job creation, the national debt, Social Security, Medicare and health care.

Many were surprised at the lack of "zingers" during the debate. Analysts from CNN remarked on how President Obama refrained from bringing up subjects such as Bain Capital and its alleged record of sending jobs overseas, and Romney's now-infamous "47 percent" comment secretly recorded during a recent campaign fundraiser.

Romney, however, did bring up one touchy subject - Solyndra, as he commented that "green energy" businesses were being given 50 times more tax breaks than oil companies like Exxon Mobile.

All in all, Patch and its readers had a great time, and we thank everyone who came out!


PATCH WANTS TO KNOW - What did you think of the debate? Were there any comments in particular from either candidate that stuck with you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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