‘BagMonster’ Promotes Plastic Bag Use at County Center

The County’s Director of Environmental Health donned his costume to raise awareness about the county’s proposed plastic bag ban.

Even on a sweltering 90 degree afternoon, the Bag Monster emerged at the County Center in Redwood City to promote the use of plastic bags. In a full body suit composed of 500 bags, he said he was pleased that the average person uses 500 plastic bags over the course of a year.

“Who else is going to clog the storm drains and smother marine life?” he said. “I must protest because [the county] is trying to stop my livelihood!”

Temporarily dropping the “Bag Monster” identity, Dean Peterson, the San Mateo County Director of Environmental Health, explained that the Board of Supervisors is looking into a proposed plastic bag ban.

The public comment period has closed on the draft environmental impact report and county staff will present its final report to the Planning Commission. If the report is approved, the Board of Supervisors will vote whether to approve it or not.

San Mateo County is trying to join the cities of San Jose and San Francisco in their similar plastic bag ordinances.

San Francisco passed the first law banning single use plastic bags in 2007 and 44 other California cities and over 24 others around the country have followed suit, according to the newspaper U-T San Diego.


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Buck Shaw August 10, 2012 at 04:27 PM
Do you remember when "Save a tree, use plastic bags" was the cry of the Greenies. Now that paper, wood , bamboo, and such are labeled "sustainable" its ok to cut them down. I'll use whats best for the enviroment. I drive my wife nuts when I remind her of whats in the little triangle and what goes in what container. I'd just like a little humility from the Greenies and maybe an acknowledgement that some things are reasonable and some not.
Vanessa Castañeda August 10, 2012 at 07:58 PM
Fun fact: The bag monster was made in Menlo Park.


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