Voting Machine Overload in San Mateo County

Some residents opted for paper ballots as workers resolved the problem at Election Day headquarters on Tower Road in San Mateo.

If you still need to vote at Mateo County Election headquarters today, be patient.

First-time voters and voting machines being down may be two reasons the line was out the door at 40 Tower Road in San Mateo this afternoon.

"The system is having trouble but our IT person is working on it.  You will all have a chance to vote. Thank you for your patience, " one election official told the crowd about a half hour before the machines started working again.

Some voters opted for paper ballots so they didn't have to wait for the machines to come back up.

Parking is scarce and the building is crowded but that did not deter a few first-time voters. Check out their videos about their experience!


Susan Swope November 07, 2012 at 08:29 PM
I started my voting life in Virginia and voting was painful. There were always long lines. If sounds as if it has only gotten worse. Other the other hand, voting has been a joy in San Mateo County. I usually voted in the morning, before going to work and rarely had to wait at all. This year, voting has been annoying. For years, I voted at the school across the street. In June, the County sent me over a mile away to the YMCA and the nearest parking I could find was on Woodside Road. This time I was sent to a church several blocks away. Parking was no problem and there were no lines. Still, I don't understand the rationale of the County not assigning people to the polling place closest to them? In June, I wrote the Registrar's office about this and never received a reply. Guess I'll have to try again.


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