Occupy RWC to Organize at Home of San Jose Vice Mayor

Group lends support to San Jose Occupy movement as sign of solidarity.


Members of the Occupy Movement from Redwood City and San Jose will join with homeless and labor advocates this evening to occupy the home of San Jose Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen.

Occupy Redwood City spokesman James Lee said that about a dozen occupiers and other like-minded advocates are organizing in front of Nguyen's residence this evening in San Jose to protest her political views. 

Lee claimed that Nguyen has recently attacked local labor unions by voting for pension reform, as well as taken action that removes police officers from the streets and not taken the city's homelessness issue seriously.

The group will likely organize out in front of Nguyen's property until about 8 p.m. tonight, said Lee.

He said the Redwood City group decided to join the San Jose effort because of the importance of solidarity between local Peninsula occupier.

Lee said that the San Jose movement has helped join the Redwood City group during their , as well as .

The intenion of tonight's occupation is go spread the message of the movement, and hopefully gather more support and awareness, said Lee.

"We are glad that different groups are working together," said Lee. "And we are hoping to get the word out."

residentwithopinions June 21, 2012 at 02:38 PM
II guess their 99 weeks of unemployment under Obama haven't expired yet, because they could be using this time looking for a job!


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