Murrieta Unveils Active-Duty Military Banner Program

The first of many active-duty Military banners that will adorn Murrieta streets were unveiled Friday.

Nearly a year after it was first proposed, the city of Murrieta on Friday unveiled its Active-Duty Military Banner Program.

Banners depicting the portraits of three local service members were perched on street poles along California Oaks Road in time for Veterans Day.

"These posters that shall be visible in this location for the next year are Murrieta's very small way of saying thank you for your heroism, dedication and commitment to freedom," said Mayor Pro Tem Rick Gibbs.

Gibbs, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, was among those who in October 2011 first suggested bringing the banner program to Murrieta.

In April, city council approved the Active-Duty Military Banner Program. Solely for Murrieta residents who are active duty, the program is overseen by the city's Community Services Department and Veterans Memorial Committee. The banners are funded through donations, some of which have come from the Rotary Club of Murrieta.

California Oaks Road and Murrieta Hot Springs Road were designated for the banner displays, each of which hangs for up to one year.

On Friday near California Oaks Sports Park, sunlight glinted off the newly-installed banners of Marine Lance Cpl. Aaron Dean, Marine Chief Warrant Officer 4 Trevor Dempsey, and Marine Gunnery Sgt. Matthew Klepsa.

"You have our thanks for we understand the sacrifices that you make, as well as your anxiety and concerns," Gibbs said, to their family members.

"Our all volunteer Armed Forces are the best the world has ever seen. But they depend upon the patriotism of our nation's young men and women. Enlisting during the last 11 years of Global War On Terror requires a commitment to a cause no less noble than the defense of our way of life."

Tom Courbat November 12, 2012 at 02:38 AM
This is a continuation of the commitment of the City of Murrieta to our active duty service members in addition to the Veterans Memorial work-inprogress. During these difficult economic times, the progress has been slower than had been hoped for, but all aspects of honoring these brave men and women continue to move forward. For those who have not seen the Veterans’ Memorial, located behind the Murrieta Police Department and City Hall, a few photos are included for reference. Any family who has a member or friend currently on active duty and would like to have a banner erected in his/her honor should contact Lea Kolek, Management Analyst, City of Murrieta at 951-461-6116 or email her at lkolek@murrieta.org. There is no charge to the family or the active duty member, but contributions are accepted if desired. The first three banners were sponsored by three members of the Murrieta Veterans Memorial Committee, a group that has been in existence for over 5 years now focusing on recognition of our active duty and veteran sacrifices. To make a contribution so that others may be recognized without cost to them, please contact Lea Kolek for details.
Galactic Cannibal November 13, 2012 at 03:30 AM
All militarily systems in every country are dictatorships including ours. And the military in every country creates a huge guns and bullets industry for profit. The last great war where we were justifiable in taking part was WW II when the Japs attacked the US.. WWII killed approx 62 million people 90% were Europeans and Chinese. And 405,000 were US troops. Since WWII the US have become the invaders, attacking countries that did not attack the US. Countries like Vietnam, Korea, Granada, Afghanistan, Iraq, Which cost the US tax payer $ trillions and killed millions in Vietnam and Iraq etc etc. Not forgetting our 101,000 US troops killed in those invasions.. 93% of our troops were killed in Vietnam and Korea wars. So give me one logical reason how invading those countries and killing millions of people has made the USA safer today. Don't forget that every year in the USA approx 14,500 people get murdered by fellow residents. Its home made slaughter in the US and in the 11 years since 9/11 terrorist attack , approx 160,000 people have been murdered in the USA, more than all the troops killed in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan. So how are were safer dudes ???
mike smith November 13, 2012 at 03:37 AM
@Mr.Courbat, Thank you for that information. I will be making contact with a very deserving service member in mind.


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