Masur’s Got the Money

Shelly Masur leads the other four candidates in campaign fundraising for the Supervisor election.

With four months away till the June primaries, candidates are scurrying to rack up campaign dollars. The most recent campaign finance reports from the San Mateo County Elections Office show leading the five candidates with $28,202 in monetary contributions from July to December 2011.

The five candidates are all vying for the County District 4 seat, currently occupied by Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson who terms out at the end of the year.

followed with $9,935, with $4,825 and David Woods with $495. Morantes also received a $25,000 loan for his campaign.

The fifth candidate East Palo Alto City Council Member Carlos Romero recently joined the Supervisor race, reported the San Jose Mercury News, so no fundraising amount has been reported yet.

“It’s so gratifying to have such broad support from community leaders across the county,” Masur said. “This is a really good base of fundraising money.”

She has received endorsements and contributions of $500 and $250, respectively from Supervisors Don Horsley and Dave Pine.

Running a supervisor campaign can reach into the six figures, as voters witnessed last year with the District 1 seat election. Supervisor Dave Pine raised $310,000, with more than $185,000 of his own money.

But despite any unease residents may have towards large amounts of money spent on election campaigns, Masur said people should feel confident that their money is staying locally.

“Money and politics in national elections is difficult, but with this race you know that your money is going to the right thing,” Masur said. “You’re going to see us in the grocery store or in the park with your kids.”

Masur said she plans to spend the money spreading her message and platform through mailers, pamphlets and other materials.  

For an in-depth analysis of candidates Redwood City School Board member Shelly Masur, San Mateo County Education Board Trustee Memo Morantes, Planning Commission Vice Chair Ernie Schmidt and East Palo alto Council Member David Woods, read .

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