Lung Association Report Card on Tobacco Policy: RWC Gets a ‘D’; Woodside an ‘F’

This year’s report highlights the 50th anniversary of the historic 1964 Surgeon General’s report that linked smoking to lung cancer and other diseases for the first time.

The American Lung Association released its annual State of Tobacco Control 2014 report on Wednesday. The report grades all fifty states and the federal government on four key tobacco control policies - tobacco control and prevention spending, smoke-free air, cigarette tax, and cessation coverage.

In conjunction with the national report, the American Lung Association issues grades for 482 cities in California, including Redwood City and Woodside. 

Redwood City’s overall grade is a “D” and Woodside gets an “F” (on an A-F scale). Grades are determined by the city’s policies for promoting smoke-free outdoor air, smoke-free housing, and reducing sales of tobacco products.  

Click here to view other how other cities and counties in California fared.




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