Results: 2012 Sequoia Healthcare District Board of Directors

Three candidates competed for two seats on the board.


FINAL UPDATE AT 12:31 A.M.: Incumbents Kim Griffin and Kathleen "Katie" Kane were re-elected to the board.


The mission of the Sequoia Healthcare District is to improve the quality of life for all District residents by enhancing access to healthcare services and by supporting and encouraging programs and activities designed to achieve health, wellness, and disease prevention.

Three incumbents competed for re-election to their seats on the board of directors in the 2012 election.

Kim Griffin is a Menlo Park resident and a registered nurse with Children's Cardiology of the Bay Area. She helps her husband, Dr. Michael Griffin, run the organization, which treats children with various heart conditions.

Kathleen "Katie" Kane is a Redwood City resident who is very active in her community. In addition to her job as the president of KMK Associates, a human resources consulting firm, Kane serves on several local committees, such as the Redwood City Sequoia Awards and Redwood City 2020. She also serves on the Association of California Healthcare Districts.

John J. "Jack" Hickey is a Patch blogger, as well as a retired research scientist and inventor. He considers himself to be a "taxpayers' advocate." He is a Redwood City resident and an active member of the "Fun After Fifty" club.


In the final totals, Kim Griffin and Kathleen Kane won re-election to their seats on the board.


Final Vote Tallies:

192 of 192 Precincts Reporting        Votes               Percentage               Kim Griffin 33,459 37.50% Kathleen "Katie" Kane 31,346 35.13% John J. "Jack" Hickey 24,415 27.36%



Jack Hickey November 06, 2012 at 05:15 PM
There are 2 choices. Voting for Kane and Griffin is a vote to return the incumbents to office. One vote for John J. "Jack" Hickey is a vote to pursue dissolution of the District which no longer owns Sequoia Hospital yet continues collecting taxes originally assessed to build, operate and maintain it.
Jack Hickey November 07, 2012 at 06:05 PM
When I saw the results, I was disappointed. I had anticipated at worst, a repeat of the 2008 results, Kathleen M. "Katie" Kane .......... 34,766 votes 28.0% Kim Griffin .......... 30,922 votes 24.9% John J. "Jack" Hickey .......... 30,378 votes 24.4% Malcolm "Nappy" MacNaughton .......... 28,188 votes 22.7% What I overlooked, was the dillution of the vote with three "pro district" candidates. Kim and Katie's totals would had have averaged 46,938, > 50% higher than my tally, if Nappy's totals were included. That serious mistake led to overconfidence. Clearly, the union support played a major role in the vote then and now. The impact of the ~$100,000/year PR effort promoting the District and majority directors, culminating in the pre-election mailing of an 11" x 17" 4 page, full color campaign flyer claiming to be a Report to the Community, was a factor. A similar mailing in 2008 impacted that election. I am pursuing PRA requests to determine the facts behind these mailings, which, in my opinion, were clearly intended to influence the outcome of the elections. With the current vote count, my tally has improved from 1.54/1 in 2008, to 1.32/1 today. I expect further improvement when all the votes are counted. I am grateful to those who supported my dissolution effort, and invite them to join me in pursuing that goal. Information obtained from my PRA requests will be considered in determining the future direction of my efforts.


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