Letter: Ground Floor Office Space Will Kill Downtown

Redwood City business owner and resident says that she and others will protest the proposed amendment at Monday's city council meeting.

An amendment coming before the Redwood City Council this coming Monday, May 21, to change the , if passed, will allow the city to rezone ground floor retail space on the key downtown corridor (Broadway) for office use for a period up to 5 years during times when vacancy in the downtown is more than 10%.

A large group of retailers, and Redwood City shoppers/diners/visitors are VERY concerned about the present and future of the downtown if this passes.  And, we will be turning out in numbers on Monday night to express our opposition.  

See the one-page pdf highlighting our concerns and position.  

Our recommendation regarding this amendment is as follows:

We request that the City Council hold off on making a decision on this amendment on Monday until it can be studied more thoroughly.  And, that the input of a broader set of stakeholders including downtown retailers, residents and frequent downtown visitors/shoppers be included in this evaluation.

I am an owner and partner in Brick Monkey as well as a resident of Redwood City. The downtown has come a long way thanks to the vision of the City and Council in creating the Downtown Precise Plan.

Now is not the time to lose faith and abandon it after just 16 months of it being in effect, particularly now that positive momentum and progress are underway.


Kirsten McKay

Owner/Partner Brick Monkey & Mt. Carmel Resident

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Jim May 23, 2012 at 05:20 PM
As a Libertarian I would love to put every big government utopian socialist on an island and see what happens. Oh well I did live in Paris for a year, so there is France, but it's not an island.
Reality Check May 23, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Compare big-government islands (or virtual islands) like Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark (life is very good) with no-government poster children like Somalia or Haiti (life is extremely bad). Sure, government is bad ... but no government is terrible.
Jim May 23, 2012 at 05:38 PM
I don't think anyone is proposing 'no government' just 'less government' and what is your beef with Libertarians? We want you to be free to smoke as much pot as you wish, and we can even move that pot dispensary next to Heimerhouse to a better location, maybe into one of empty retail locations on Broadway.
residentwithopinions May 23, 2012 at 06:05 PM
I have family in Sweden and Denmark while their lives are pretty nice everybody is the same, you can't buy a car or house with cash you always make payments even if you can buy it outright, and the healthcare is ... Stand in line and wait your turn, my husbands father just passed 2 weeks ago in Sweden from aggressive cancer. He sat and waited to be seen and waited and waited...and the by the time he got his tests take n and results etc it was too late. Socialist society is not the way to go! Don't want to get into that here... I am a libertarian as well. But I want you all to know that rwc median income (on rwc website) is $67000 that's is nothi g compared to what you really need to have a good life around ere and shop buy a house etc. buck shaw is right too much low income here, and only more to come so that will not help pump up our retail, schools and general appearance.... Somebody's gotta say what everybody is afraid to admit out loud!
Buck Shaw May 24, 2012 at 03:14 AM
Your absolutly right. Mr.RC No government would be terrible. And its been proven so. I have never heard, ever of a Republican, Libertarian, Conservative or Tea Party person saying "No government would be best". That phrase I'm sure came from some dissagreement in an arguement when someone was generalizing and was taken as a statement of fact to run with in further discussions. Like here. I happen to garden and really enjoy it. When discussing planting some Nicotinia thats Tobacco (beautiful white flowers) some said to me. "Gee isn't that illegal to plant Tobacco" I asked why? The reply was well don't you have to get a permit or something. I asked why? again. The reply was well isn't the government going to want to know? People assume or at the very least that its regulated. This need for the governments permission to do anything is the thing that I feel imposes on ones liberties. Or way of life. I have a neighbor who wants to put in a sprinkler (drip system) system in his garden. He needs a permit note the use of the word NEEDS. He is afraid to get a permit because he was an audence member in the recent Emerald Hill vs. County Design Review battle that isn't over yet. He thinks there will be reprisels against him. I believe him. That sort of Sword of Damicles hanging over his head is what we've come to. A genuine fear of our government being in ever little part of our lives. That and other reasons to many to mention is why I want it smaller.


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