Leland Yee Responds to Governor's State of the State Address

Governor Jerry Brown delivered his State of the State address to the Legislature on Wednesday morning in Sacramento.

Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) issued the following statement in regards to the Governor’s State of the State Address:

“Thanks to Governor Brown’s leadership in bringing a million new jobs to California since 2010, and as a result the people of California passing Prop 25 and Prop 30, California’s future continues to grow brighter. However, the ongoing boom-bust cycle that has marked California’s recent history must act as a reminder that our surplus must be handled with caution, and prudence dictates that we must put something away to prepare for leaner years. Crafting a budget that deals with the needs of both today and tomorrow is no easy task, but I am confident that we in the legislature will work together to meet this challenge.  California faces other trials, the severe drought we find ourselves in, and the need to restore social services after years of cuts. However, I’m glad to see good news on the horizon for our state, and look forward to working with the Governor and my legislative colleagues to make this vision a reality.”


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