County Schools Report Higher Graduation Rates

Newly released data from the California Department of Education reports higher graduation rates and lower dropout rates among San Mateo county schools.

Data released Wednesday by California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson shows an increase in graduation rates and a decrease drop-out rates among students in San Mateo County schools.

Graduation rates throughout the district increased 2 percent from 81.7 percent to 83.7 percent, while drop-out rates declined to 10.5 percent from 12.4 percent.

“The data released today reflects steady progress by local districts in keeping more students in school and on a steady trajectory leading to graduation,” said Superintendent Anne Campbell.

County Office of Education officials attributes the significant improvements specifically to a renewed focus on core curriculum and remedial programs.

“We’re seeing deeper, targeted, more intentional support for students who are struggling,” said San Mateo County Education Office Spokeswoman Nancy Magee.

Magee stressed that most of the funding for these programs comes from federal grants and other new sources of funding, rather than at the expense of existing programs particularly those in the arts.

Also reported in the study were improvements in performance among African-American, Hispanic, Filipino and Pacific Islander students. English-learners, those who do not speak English as a first language, experienced a significantly lower drop-out rate as well.

“While we still have work to do, the trend data continues to show improvement. I look forward to seeing even higher graduation rates  in the year to come as we continue our concentrated efforts to close the achievement gap,” added  Campbell.

San Mateo County Schools report consistently higher graduation rates and lower drop-out rates than their peers statewide.  


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