City May Ban Medical Marijuana Facilities

The Planning Commission has several options to consider at tonight’s meeting.

The Planning Commission tonight may decide to completely ban medical marijuana clinics from Redwood City, the San Mateo Daily Journal reports.

Concerns surrounding these facilities include the costly staff time to monitor potential crime around the establishment and the complex state and federal policies regulating medical marijuana use.

Redwood City Patch will be at the meeting tonight at 7 p.m. to cover the outcome.

The city currently has a temporary moratorium in place allowing the facilities, but the Planning Commission will decide whether to recommend a zoning amendment that would ban such facilities. Another option is a sunset provision that would extend the moratorium until Dec. 10 when it would expire. Staff could also create an ordinance to limit the number of facilities.

The most recent from Rob Bueno in July at 2853 El Camino Real will not be affected because it is within the county's jurisdiction.

However, Mayor Jeff Ira has already expressed reservations about the collective and stated that .

Friend of flowers September 21, 2011 at 04:25 AM
In this day and age, how can people still be so ignorant about cannabis. It is a plant! Alcohol on the other hand is celebrated like some wonderful gift. No logic at all.


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