Caltrain Makes It Easy to Park Your Bike and Ride

Increased bike capacity on trains, and more bike lockers and bike racks at Caltrain stations encourages cyclers to use the rail system.

Caltrain bike car  Photo 511.org
Caltrain bike car Photo 511.org

Caltrain is making it easier for cyclists to store their bikes safely by providing new information online about station locker availability, rates and contact details.

The number of bike lockers at each station is now described on the Caltrain bike locker page of the Caltrain website. The site also has information on the availability of bike racks at each station, links to the administrators in charge of the equipment and important contact information about the program. Previously, the site only offered information on which stations had bike lockers.

Lockers provide a greater level of protection for bikes that are parked at Caltrain stations for extended periods. These are administered by various agencies - including Caltrain - throughout the rail system.

With Caltrain ridership consistently reaching record numbers, capacity issues are a primary concern for the rail agency. While Caltrain dedicates two cars on each train for bike storage, sometimes there isn't enough room to carry all cycling passengers.  

See the online application.

Emily Davis December 09, 2013 at 01:34 PM
its great that they are doing this for cyclists. even though not everywhere is doing this you should always have a bike lock of your own just to be safe. here is a website with great deals on bike locks and other accessories check it out http://2wheelbikes.com/bike-locks-bike-accessories.html


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