Suspect Eludes SWAT

The county’s search for a suspect of a shooting in Vallejo led them to the Coastside.

Update 11:45 a.m.: 

San Mateo County Sheriff’s deputies approached the residence on Coronado and Isabella in El Granada at 11 a.m. The sirens on their marked vehicles were blaring to indicate to the suspect, 19-year-old Sammy Turner, that they had arrived and did not intend a surprise entrance.

Two officers walked through the front door with guns drawn and no announcement.

Minutes later, they emerged with a young man in handcuffs.

Bystanders indicated that the young man was Sammy Turner, the sought-after suspect from the standoff Tuesday night. 


Update, Tuesday, 11/27 11:15 p.m.:

At 9:50 p.m. Tuesday, approximately 15-armed SWAT men — members of the San Mateo County SWAT team in conjunction with the Redwood City Police Department SWAT team — wearing helmets approached the El Granada apartment on the corner of Coronado and Isabella from Alameda Avenue where Sammy Turner, 19, was allegedly hiding out in after shooting his best friend in Vallejo on Monday.

For the next hour, the SWAT team surrounded the building, crouching behind fences and hiding along the sidewalk and bushes. The sound of glass shattering and banging on doors could be heard.

After repeated requests to the suspect to come out unarmed, the SWAT Team descended upon the apartment from the garage on Coronado Street and searched the entire building with flashlights, attempting to clear the interior of the apartment building.

The suspect, however, could not be found. Sheriff deputies on site speculate that Turner must have slipped out at some point during the day.

With no immediate threat to the area, according to San Mateo County Sheriff officials, they are planning to leave the scene within the next hour.

Four detectives are currently on scene, searching for the weapon that Turner allegedly used to shoot his friend Cody Hassler in the stomach on Monday.

Hassler is currently in the ICU at an area hospital. In a video attached to this article he sends Turner a message, saying he forgives him.


Update, 11/27/12 8:55 p.m.:

San Mateo County Sheriff's deputies are waiting for the SWAT commander to make the call as to whether or not they will attempt to enter the apartment that suspect Sammy Turner, 19, is hiding out in.

Deputy Mark Melville says it could be within the hour. Their hope is, however, that Turner will come out and surrender on his own accord.

In the meantime, the 18-hour shift for many of the deputies is waning and by 10 p.m. a new shift of officers will be on duty. It's starting to drizzle and the coffee supplied by a neighbor on Isabella is running low.


Update, 11/27/12 6:15 p.m.:

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s SWAT team is still surrounding an El Granada residence, trying to apprehend a potential suspect involved in a shooting Monday.  

Police car lights are shining everywhere, streets are taped off and an officer speaking over a bullhorn to the suspect hiding out in his apartment is all that can be seen and heard in the south end of El Granada this evening.

Concerned neighbors are also filling up the bordering streets, some who say they know the young man, holding up in an apartment on the 400 block of Coronado at Isabella and wanted for shooting a longtime friend in Vallejo yesterday.

“Sammy needs to know that his friends are out here, and we care about him, and that we would forgive him for what he’s done,” said El Granada resident John “Bud” Howard, 20, who’s known Sammy Turner, 19, since elementary school.

Howard says Turner shot his friend Cody Hassler in the stomach over an argument but would not elaborate as to what it was about.

According to Howard, Turner has hit some tough times since graduating Half Moon Bay High in 2011, some of it "emotional and drugs."

On Nov. 20, Turner's father reported him to police for stealing a television and computer from the home, said Howard.

At this time the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office is not releasing the name of the suspect. They were led to El Granada since that’s the most current driver’s license address for the suspect, said Deputy Rebecca Rosenblatt.

Patch will update the story as more details are available.


The San Mateo County Sheriff’s SWAT team is still surrounding an El Granada residence as of this morning trying to apprehend a potential suspect involved in a shooting Monday.  

The Sheriff’s Office had first arrived at Isabella Avenue at approximately 8 a.m., reported the Half Moon Bay Review. A perimeter was set up with assistance from members of the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force and Sheriff’s Office Investigations.The street is blocked for two blocks east of Avenue Alhambra.

Sheriff’s deputies had a search warrant for the home, but do not know if the suspect is armed inside the apartment.

People were looking out of the window of the apartment at law enforcement around the house this morning, according to San Mateo County Sheriff's officials, but no one has since come out.

No one was killed in the Vallejo shooting Monday, officials told The Review, but could not provide any additional details.

The incident is ongoing and police are intent on taking the man into custody but are at standstill at this time after knocking on the door and using a bullhorn, asking him to surrender, according to San Mateo County Sheriff's officials.

Patch will update the story as more details are available. 


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childhood friend of Sam Turner November 29, 2012 at 03:27 AM
I'd just like to comment on this and say that Sammy has always been very bright and intelligent in my mind. Yes, at times he could get a little annoying, but I grew up with him, Skylar, Dustin, and Buddy and we can all safely agree that Sam's life hasnt been easy, even from an early age. His mother abandonned him as a baby, and his father was often violent and abusive with him. He was often talked down upon and didnt have many TRUE friends. I have watched him go through many different stages in his life, and me being the youngest of us growing up, i learned a lot from him...I remember when Sam began getting into trouble while beginning high school, and while everyone thought "here we go, he wont get any better", i kept hope in him, and he ended up deciding to transform his life, and he began avidly attending church, he later admitted to me that he liked church so much because it was a place where he felt he was appriciated and not left out of anything...I also watched Sam recently go down a bad path and begin getting in trouble with the law. He soon began to crumble and loose all hope of his future. I talked with him and told him that the best thing he could do for himself was to get away from the people he was affiliating hisself with and move out of El Granada if thats what it meant. Of course my advice only worked for a short period of time where he began taking classes at CSM and working, i dont know what happened, but he stopped and went back to the downward spiral that
childhood friend of Sam Turner November 29, 2012 at 03:42 AM
now has him neck deep in trouble...I'd also like to inform everyone that the kid he shot was the very same person who has gotten Sam and a few of my other childhood friends into a lot of trouble these past few years. I'm not trying to diss the kid who got shot, but carma is a B**** and Sam had such a bright future ahead of him, I hope that this can be a learning experience for him, and i really hope that he can change his life around and not just go right back to the same people. This is all i have to say for now, peace and love to all.
tiffany johnson November 29, 2012 at 06:00 AM
Friend of Sammy.... its Karma for one thing and as for cody. he didn't get any of those boys in anymore trouble than they were always getting in to. Cody was gone for years while they all still got in trouble. Cody is not innocent by any means but the cause, you are greatly mistaken. All them boys have been reacking havoc for sometime ALL!!! They have all chosen thier own involvement in any given situation. and alot of these situations cody was not involved with or even around....dont believe the hype...like my son all these boys are capible of having promising futures....but let me tell you something the 2 years all the kids were at my house cuz i wanted to know where when and how. only one parent ever came over to check, inquire, or even to see if they were in fact allowed to be at my house, and was there an adult even around. one parent 2 years 8-15 kids. stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution. Atleast be present!!!!
Anonymous November 29, 2012 at 06:12 AM
Yes, I always wondered what the story was with his Mother and Father. He seemed so lost. There was a sweetness to him and he did seem intelligent. I knew him to be a good wrestler. Why do so many young people make it out of tough family situations and others don't? I believe it is the friends they choose. My son/daughter who I choose to leave anonymous because they also have decided to not associate with anyone in HMB, because they consider it a less than desirable environment for some of the youth left. Fortunately they are older and on there way! They tell me you have to be careful who you befriend anywhere in life work or play. I think that is true of anywhere you go in life. There is a saying that my Mother you to say " tell me your friends, tell me who you are". This situation is so so sad. Hopefully a lesson for all.
Anonymous November 29, 2012 at 06:31 AM
Hello Ms Johnson: My apologies I did not mean to sound like you lacked any parenting skills. I know being a parent is tough. I was a divorced Mom for ten years with two children It is tough! We do the best we can! I hope the best for you and your son's recovery. I do know that hindsight is always 20/20. I am disgusted that no parent was around during that time while you hosted all those boys. I know what you mean about prefering where your kid is, but I don't know If I could have been that tolerant, although we make our best decisions at the time. Wishing you peace of mind and a good productive future for your son.


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