Summit Student Charged with Attempted Rape Reveals More Details

The judge ruled that there was sufficient evidence for the 19-year-old to stand trial.

A Redwood City police detective said the Summit Prep High School student who was charged with kidnapping and attempt to rape admitted to attacking his special education teacher, reported the San Mateo County Times.

Detectives said Friday that David Velasquez, 19, told police that he was a "sick-minded person" who liked "lots of blood.” Velasquez has to charges of kidnapping with the intent to rape, assault with the intent to commit rape, false imprisonment and making criminal threats.

Velasquez allegedly followed his teacher into the underground parking lot on Jan. 23 then grabbed her from behind with a knife in hand.

Velasquez allegedly threatened to kill her if she did not do as she was told. The victim recognized his voice as that of a student, so she intentionally dropped her keys in an effort to delay him.

He allegedly pushed her to the ground, pried her legs apart with his elbow, lay down on top of her and began thrusting his hips onto hers.

At that moment, another teacher entered the parking lot and screamed at him, causing him to get up and flee.

The defendant is in custody on .

 Since the attack, Summit Prep has of the campus.

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